This project was centered computer based office equipment management system. The current process of keeping records of properties, equipment and other items owned by the FMC, Bida is being operated manually and due to this procedure numerous problem are been encountered. A design was taken to automate the manual process in order to aid the value in the inspection monitor of the office equipment system by bringing into reality the picture of the property in question and give an acceptable report of all necessary analysis made with report compiled by the system. The problems were identified after series of interviews and examination of documents after which analysis was made and a computerized procedure recommended. This project will also suggest how to successfully implement the automated procedure and to overcome the obstacle that would hinder the successful implementation of the system. The new system was designed using Microsoft visual basic .net programming language. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing windows based applications.


A computer is an electronic device that can process data. Computer system is capable of accepting input data (unprocessed data), through an input device, store and processed the data and place processed data (information) on the output device generally called output.

Automation is an information technology which is as old as the human race, mankind of the down of civilization used technology. Later in the history of mankind the development of writing language provided us with a technology of writing which allow us to become more precise in handling information. These include letter written, which had been earlier difficult and time consuming.

Furthermore the use of information technology becomes another way of processing information and there arose a growing need for information to be processed faster than it was done before. This brought about the development of computer technology to enhance information management and processing for the organizations, the use of computer facilities cannot be over emphasized.

With the advent of computer technology, the organization, like most other organizations has seen an increasing role in the use of computers in connecting with the delivery of organization services. In most instances, it is the use of certain technologies to store paper document in an electronic format. Unlike paper records and processing, a computer program is designed to not only keep records, but also to provide a way for that information’s to be processed, interactive and secure.

Finally the design computer office equipment management system will be focus on the organization items and properties which may be used for offices as the case may be. The program is written using Visual Basic .NET for easy asses.


The main objective of this study is to develop an automated office equipment management system. Others include;

·        It provides total asset visibility.

·        It allows reduced inventory stocking levels giving full office equipment history.

·        It reduces lead time, shelf space, and errors due to damage, fatigue of staff and overall cost of operations.

·        It facilitates “just in time” deliveries.

·        It provides full process and management control for equipment.

·        It provides higher level security as the system would be passworded to prevent unauthorized access.

·        It helps the management plan, monitor, optimize resources and ascertain their financial position at any time.