As the information era continues to advance and diverse information technology architectures are designed and implemented, there has arisen the need to design business and enterprise solutions that would take full advantage of these advancing technologies. At the center of this “information revolution” is the Internet, a global network of networks that has steadily become an integral part in the way people communicate, do business and relate to one another. In view of this, designing modern day information technology solutions to make maximum use of the Internet’s vast potential has been the focus of developers, businesses and scientists alike.

This project therefore, is a demonstration of the numerous benefits that can be achieved from implementing Internet solutions to solve daily problems. Registration and authentication processes that are employed in almost every area of human activity will be modeled to work on an online environment. In particular, Assignment Submission website will be designed and implemented to run on the Internet. An open source platform will be employed for the development with technologies ranging from javascript to php, mysql and beyond.  


Today we are in the information age where information travels with the speed of light as against the Dark Age where information traveled at a relatively slow pace. The information technology system made possible the achievement of most organization. At the same time however technology can obscure essential relationship between information resource and organization objective.

When a lecturer gives assignment to students, he expects them to submit either a printed or written hardcopy of the assignment solution which can bring about some flaws during the submission process. Some of these flaws include:

*    Submitting a particular assignment more than once i.e. a Student could submit two copies of the same assignment with different solutions to confuse the lecturer in choosing which one to validate.

*    Loss or damage to the hardcopy, written or printed submitted by the Student.

*    Students could persuade the lecturer to allow them to submit the assignment after the deadline for submission has expired.

The Assignment Submission Website will go a long way in solving these crucial setbacks;

*    The website will not allow any Student to submit an assignment more than once, so there can be no duplicate copies of any assignment by any Student.

*    The copy of each assignment submitted by each Student can be downloaded by the lecturer onto his personal computer there will also be a backup on the internet for future reference.

*    No Student, no matter what can submit an assignment after the deadline date for submission has expired. The website will bounce back such attempt.

In addition, the website also allows for communication among Students.


The main objective of this project work is to design a web based application that will:

*    Allow a lecturer set assignment and specify a deadline submission date for Students.

*    Allow Students to view the list of assignment set by the lecturer.

*    Allow Students upload their assignment in pdf, doc or docx format before submission.

*    Allow Lecturer to view and download any assignment submitted by any Student.

*    Allow Students communicate with one another on the internet by sending messages or files to themselves.