Computer household inventory system today encompasses either directly or indirectly ; A field of activity both private and public that taxes the imagination, it revolves around the ownership possession and use of the system.

The term “computer household inventory” includes real property defined as computer handset calculator remote control alarm clock and other product of the system as well as space. Embraces any and every house or interest in household inventory and improvement there on.

The household inventory business can be define as a vocation in which property forms that stock in trade and is brought sold rented as agents for others or dealers of themselves or both.

A calling in skill and experience in household inventory coupled with high standard of integrity as presidential hotel Enugu are offering as a service to the public.

The presidential hotel Enugu is a firm of household inventory system value registered 1942, they carry on with computer household inventory management and house planning.

They are located at P.M.B 3017 presidential road Ogui New layout Enugu. This from has it principal partner as professor Umeaha Commodore undertakes valuation projects for banks public financial companies on the area of invitation management and valuation process.  The design and implementation of computer based household inventory system will focus on the practical job on valuation proper and report work the activities of presidential hotel in terms of professional and agreement certificate of value will be stated in the system design the system will aim at bringing to view the  step of the process of valuation in the household inventory practice.

                                                        STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The importance of household inventory cannot be readily appreciated unless its value is clearly stated by a value. Although the value of any household inventory differs from place to place and time to time but the basic of each valuation is relatively the same at the same instance and time.

If it is true different property located at the same area with the same purpose can be evaluated in the same purpose can be evaluated in the same way there is need to ask. ? why the reputation of such valuation on different property in the same area? Hone can the various valuation job be centered to uniform the need of the property owner and the value what is the basic of valuation taking to different property at each given time?