This research is intended to highlight the role of a computerized market information system for the Nigerian breweries located in 9th Mile Corner Ngwo as compared too the manual method of market.  The research goes a long way to identify the various problems associated with the organization and possible solution to the problems as to boast market structure.

Also to highlight an overview of market by numerous authors as the back bone of profitability


The 9th Mile Corner Ngwo is a marketing area with different companies or organizations located in the area, such as, the Nigerian Breweries Limited (NBL), Nigeria Brewery Company (NBC) and so on.  These organizations have their marketing potentials to win public confidence if they are fully explored.  To establish a good information with a computerized system is the greatest desire of every organization.

It has been observed that some of these organizations lack a computerized system for marketing as their efforts towards buying and selling activities are manually performed.

However, the electronic device used in processing information in a designed format called the computer, came into most organizations as an accountant and also as a labour serving device.  Although to a reasonable extent, these sues of the computer tend to slow down development in other areas, before the computer was seen by most management as the potential device to replace executive personnel in time.

Besides, the compute does the job of the accountant by using compute operators who are vested with financial ability.  But today, computer has reduced the world to a global village today, many jobs such as accounting, editing, sorting marketing and many others can be performed by the computer.

Therefore, this research is being under taken to identify the usefulness of compute in information system as related to these organizations.  This is to maintain speed, reliability and accuracy in these establishments.  Before a vehicle loads a number of creates of beer to the market, a correct number should be recorded and stored in the system as to avoid errors of calculation.  If this particular number of crates is noted by the computer, then it should be able to calculate and give the exact amount of money that will be returned by the seller.  The computer should be able to know the exact number of vehicles that will be moving out daily for sales of beer.  A subscriber of this mentioned organizations should have a system that will be sending information relating to their marketing position through E-mail. This will enhance the marketing opportunities of the organizations and maintain their information system of marketing in the organization.


The purposes or aim by which this research is undertaken are as follows:

i.             The study is expected to provide a computerized marketing concept for the organizations.

ii.           It is also expected that the outcome of study could prove useful to the organizations who will realize the impact of customers services.

iii.          To serve the organizations with the ability to tackle issues of public interest as regulated to market strategies.

iv.          The study is expected to be another existing stock of knowledge to these organizations.

v.            To access the accuracy and reliability of a computerized market system and compare to the manual system of marketing.

vi.          To correct the lapses found in the course of marketing with the manual system.

vii.         To improve the enhancement of economic reforms with the aid of computer in these organizations.