BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

In Nigeria today and other countries, hostel management has become sophisticated that it used to be years age. The hostel however has been developed to solve the problem of accommodation for students, visitors and for reservation purposes.


Hundreds of student travels from their school to other schools during any reputable sports competition and visitation and for schooling purposes. They always become anxious of where to lodge or sleep within the period. Hence man’s quest for solving this problem resulted in development of hostel in order to eradicate or control the problem of student’s accommodation.


Therefore within a building where people stay usually within a pre-defined period of time paying for their rooms and meals can be of the following:



Lodging house


Hostels allocation system has far rear, been done manually such that one may wonder how to cope with recent development and increase in student population. Hence, there is need for hostel perspective to change from manual system, which is time consuming and labor intensive to computerized method, not just computerized but online system.


Thus, this research is aimed at finding system approach to computerize the hostel allocation system such that students can fill their hostel accommodation form online and check their allocation result online so that it can be processed at a high speed.


                                                      OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY

The main objective of this research is to provide an online system, which will help to speed preview hostel to students. In this research work, it is aimed for designing and implementing an internet base hostel accommodation and allocation system. Therefore the presence of these computerized systems will help to update file accurately.


After the data or information of a student has been collected, this data includes Name, Department, Programme of study, state of origin etc. It is updated and then used for report making or accounting these reports obtained from updated files can be used for auditing by the board and polytechnic management teams.