For week in the millennium, the market forces skill determines the production and distribution of goods and service in the society.

In a market system, a system behaviour analysis cannot be exact, that is the probable expectation E.g. like seen the size of the ware house and product what is inside and product the contents of a ware house after Eros examining it and know what should be inside it by next week.

Goods in the stock are part of the assets of firm and any goods in store which is not needed for immediate use might just be down capital which might have been used for other purpose.

There is never a time, which goods have too much in the store nor any good to be effective and immediate communication is very vital for proper co-ordination of the activities of the firm to survive the threat by other competitive firms similar product in the market.

Delta prospectus has about four products for marketing and they use similar and different product for their manufacturing –since all the product are in edible. They use mostly similar and slightly different product for their raw material for the manufacturing of the product like begets kaolin, phosphorous e.t.c are used in almost all their product.

There are about four different stages in which product out of stock are re-ordered and this study is to analyse the existing system of stock and climate the interface between the system and state the better stock control method that is close control with the new information technology is in vogue.

Business and organization use various type of information system to support the many process needed to carry out their business function. Each of the information system has a particular purpose or focus, and each has life of its own, this “life of its own” concept is celled system development life cycle. Or SDLC and it include the entire process of planning, building, developing, using, updating, and maintaining an information system. The development of a new information involves several different, but related activities. Those activities or phrases usually include planning, analysis design, implementation and maintenance of support. In other words, SDLC is a conceptual mode that guides project management in information system development. 


In view of complication with channels of communication and high fraud involved in systems of production and distribution of goods and services it make it necessary for the system to perform both effectively and efficiently.

The aim of this study is to investigate the existing method of stock inventory and design a new program to which it will effectively and efficiently meet the demand of the millennium.

To achieve aim of the study, the following objective must be ascertained

1)      To access the system under review (that is used) with respect to the past, present and future.

2)      To use the known survey study to the method.

3)      To investigate through the literature review, the standard of system used and to use.

4)      Empirical analyst the method based on which a design can be enhanced.