As the number of vehicles are increased day by day in rapid manner. Inadequate parking spaces, stolen of cars become enormous. To overcome this problem A Niger polytechnic based parking system has been proposed. In this paper, parking system is implemented using computer based application modelling. The system has two main modules i.e.  Identification module and parking module. Identification module identifies the owner and the car. Parking module keeps and checks the car parking detail and slot status. These modules are modelled as a computer based application and implemented on Niger Polytechnic. A prototype of parking system is designed with various interfaces like card interfacing. 


For over thirty years, traffic information has been provided to help motorists make en-route decisions. The development of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS) have begun to improve transportation through the use of technology. Along the same lines, system like Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems (IVHS), acquire, analyse, communicate, and present information to assist surface transportation. Travelers are moving from a starting location to their desired destination. Data from IVHS can now be utilized as information for en-route assistance as well as collection of traffic data. Information Technology is beginning to recognize the importance of post-trip information dissemination by providing information on the location and availability of parking. Real-time information can be accurately provided to motorists through Intelligent Parking Systems (IPS) to reduce congestion in or near parking areas, insufficient utilization of the available parking space stock, road congestion caused by space-searching traffic, access problems and safety hazards caused by illegal parking and environmental strains. Recently, people find it easy when using the parking systems because the system is fully automatic. The complexity calls for better management of the parking system which involves technical improvement in the system used. Additionally, users of the parking system commented that bigger parking space means they have to spend more time to find parking area.

 Parking systems can also take advantage of innovative technologies in order to improve the ease and convenience of paying for parking. Now a day, Smart cards minimize transaction time by allowing a user to simply wave their card in front of a reader. Mobile devices can also be used in payment transactions. Public utilities need a parking system that can function efficiently and be integrated with the other urban city utilities. For allotment of parking slots there is no proper way thus parking management system fails in coordination and centralizing the information for an effective system. To avoid these problems, a design of an intelligent parking system is proposed.


In this project work, the aim is to design an intelligent automated parking system to overcome the manual existing system.

Objective are as follows;

·        To design and implement an intelligent car parking system for both staff and an non staff in Niger Polytechnic.

·        To alert the staff when the parking garage is filled and when vehicles are not allowed into the garage until spaces are available.

·        To provides security for car parking

·        To provide source of income for Niger state polytechnic