General information - Wedding business in Thailand   

In Thailand, with the social reasons, the Thai traditional of wedding is essential in order to pay respect not only for the bride and groom, but also for their families as well. To follow this social practice, parents of the bride and groom must be acknowledged. Though, the wedding ceremony is the important part for the marriage in Thailand.(Thai folk, 2000) Nowadays, the wedding ceremony in Thailand is not just traditional that involve with only the members of two families of the couple, but the ceremony also involves a lot more people to be the guest than before. Since Thai people give more priority to the wedding ceremony to meet the social practice. The consumer in this business which is the couple planning to marry has more complicated and sophisticated needs for their wedding ceremony such as a fantastic wedding picture, special wedding places and a fabulous invitation card. (Weddingsquare, 2007)  For this reason comprise of the increasing of GDP in Thailand after economic crisis, the various kind of wedding business such as wedding studio and wedding organizer arise and growth continuously since today. (NSO, 2006) From the booming period of this business, it makes the value of business is more interest than previous. It is not just creating a new type of business to the market. but consequently it also stimulate sales volume in other related business such as traveling that the couple use to end up their ceremony with the honeymoon travel.  



What should be marketing strategies for wedding business unit of Amari Atrium Hotel?



What should be marketing strategies for wedding business unit of Amari Atrium Hotel?The aim of our thesis is to analyze the wedding market in Bangkok. The analysis of wedding market along with consumer purchasing behavior of Thai’s couple regarding to wedding ceremony in order to create the marketing strategies towards marketing mix (7Ps) for wedding business unit of Amari Atrium Hotel.



This thesis will be mainly focused on the information gathering from the primary data by conducting interviews and questionnaires distribution to gain the insight and in-dept information for this market and very useful for the target audience. Moreover, the researchers realized that the secondary data can give us the general overview for this market.


The theoretical framework is based on “Marketing Plan for Service Business” book by Malcolm McDonald. This framework illustrated the outline of marketing planning process for service organizations which consisted of four phases: establishing the strategic context; conducting the situation review; formulating marketing objectives and strategies; allocating budgets and devising a detailed first-year implementation plan. However, the phase of formulating marketing objectives and strategies will be focused.



As the rapid growth of wedding market in Thailand, many companies would like to take the opportunity to gain the market value. Amari Atrium Hotel is known as the wedding venue provider also would like to be in this market that comes with the new form, providing full wedding service or one stop service. In order to compete with the existing rivalries, the hotel should have sustained marketing objective and strategies toward their target customers.


Since the full wedding service is considered as the services development for Amari Atrium Hotel; therefore, the marketing objective is to promote one stop service about value added and benefit of this new service to target audience in order to increase sales volume by 10 percent in one year. Moreover the created marketing strategies are compatible with this marketing objective in order to archive the objective. The specific approach for marketing strategy in each element of the marketing mix will be explained in the recommendation part.