A File and Folder Security Application



In recent years, one of the major problems that information systems face is security. Information is a computer user or an organizations important asset since it is used for all day-to-day operations, and therefore should be protected effectively for maximum results.

The growth of information technology is inevitable, the world is really growing fast globally in terms of technology and sensible information’s are usually stored on our computer system, which actually makes it quite easy for anyone who can gain access to our computer system to use the information stored on our computer system to his or her own personal advantage.

Computer systems as we know are not really secure on their own and therefore, it is the responsibility of every user to protect their information assets from getting into the hands of a third party. Different kinds of attack can be carried out by a third party to gain access to this information stored on our computer system since this information can contain vital and important details of the organization day to day operations. Once a third party can be able to gain access to this information, this information can get stolen or altered.

Information security is the process of securing or protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and related resources. Information needs to be protected because they can contain sensitive data, which can be used against the organizations effective operations when accessed by an intruder. The need for information security cannot be over-emphasized as it plays a major role in the growth of an organization and creating trust between the organization and its customers, Let’s look at the banking sector for example; they are entrusted with the money of several individual not just for the purpose of saving money alone but also for the level of security it poses. I believe a bank with minimum level of security will not have a reasonable number of customers and therefore even lose some of its customers.

Computers files are platforms that are used in storing information and data’s, while folders are collections of files in a single place. Note that a folder can also be used to hold other folders in a single place, i.e a folder is also a collection of folders too and not just files alone. Files and folders security is a mechanism or process that is put in place for securing information stored on our computer system. It is a very important security process since lots of information, which are stored on the computer system, is stored in files and folders. There are two ways of locking files and folders, which are as follows:-

(a)               Mandatory lock and,

(b)               Advisory lock

Mandatory lock involves the process of avoiding the read ( ) and write ( ) of the file and folder, while in the case of Advisory lock, read ( ) actions to a file is possible but not the write ( ). In this project we used the mandatory lock mechanism since files and folders that been locked cannot be altered or even seen (i.e the actions of read ( ) and write ( ) are not possible), until they are unlocked.

Locking and unlocking of folders on computer system can also be done without the use of software or any third party application, but this method is not effective since someone who knows about computers and how to lock and unlock folders on computer systems will be able to do the same when they gain access to the computer system, that is why in this project we decided to work on locking and encrypting files and folders through the use of security software which requires the use of password. This locking and encrypting of files and folder will be done with the use of an application design for the sole purpose of security information stored on a computer system with the use of password.

Aim and Objectives

Aim of Study

To provide protection for information stored on our computer files and folders.

Objectives of Study

Ø   To develop an application that protects system files and folders.

Ø   To ensure information confidentiality and integrity

Ø   To suggest recommendation to users of the application