As a new convenient means of human-machine interaction, speech command is widely applied to many portable embed speech products. The ultimate aim of speech recognition is to make machine understand natural language. It is of great significance not only in practical application but scientific research. The research on speech recognition technology mainly concentrates on two aspects. One is the software running on computer, the other is embedded systems.


During the past few years, the computer industry has seen speech technologies arrive with a flash and quietly fold without a whimper. This speech processing area has become a feature which is under levels of researches. Speech command systems have been around for over twenty years, but the early systems were very expensive and required powerful computers to run. During recent years, manufacturers have reduced the prices of the speech recognition systems. The technology behind speech output has also changed. Early systems used discrete speech, i.e. the user had to speak one word at a time, with a short pause between words. Over the past few years most systems have used continuous speech, allowing the user to speak in a more natural way. The main commercial continuous speech systems currently available for the PC are Dragon NaturallySpeaking and IBM Via Voice.   With the advancement of technology today many research projects have progressed with developing applications that use speech technology to boost application user’s experience. As pioneers IBM, Microsoft and Sun Microsystems have performed considerable amount of work on the context.  Microsoft boasted the ability to control Windows by voice commands and have embedded the capability of dictating such like Microsoft Word application. With kind of those promising achievements when it’s coming to present day apart from the Microsoft and Sun Microsystems some other developers also have released specific speech APIs in order to help application developers.  


The aim of this study is to build an accurate and efficient voice/speech recognition system which is embedded with the capability of understanding human speech done in English language. 


·     To simplify computer operation.

·     To enable remote control of computer system by the use of voice/speech command system or recognition system.

·     To enable interaction between user and the computer system.