The aim of the thesis is to analyze the situation of school libraries in areas of different socio-economical characteristics within Metropolitan Lima, Peru. I will study how the ScL(s), are affected with regard to organization, resources and services. In this study, I have chosen ten school libraries from different socio-economical conditions. Three of these school libraries are elite private schools and the rest represent the public schools. The empirical study consisted of interviews with persons in charge of the school libraries in each school, interviews with the school principals, interviews with the public officials of the NLP (National Library of Peru) and questionnaires answered by the students. The thesis is also based on observations I have made. The empirical material has been theoretically analysed based on Loertscher’s taxonomies of the school library media program. Loertscher’s taxonomy is used to analyze the ScL’s standard.

A major finding of this thesis is that the school libraries of the elite private schools have a high standard, taking an active role in their own operation; with library staffs which are autonomous and well trained, having the ability to make their own decisions. In contrast, the libraries from the public schools have an inferior standard when compared to the private schools. In the ScL(s) from the public schools the students do not have access to computers and the staffs do not have autonomy or access to training. 


This section presents the thesis topic, its purpose and questions and the definitions. Then I will provide an overview of the methods that are used. This chapter thereafter continues with the selection of the schools in the sample that is described and motivated. Then I will present the applied methods such as the observations, questionnaires, interviews and document studies. This chapter also deals with other areas like the theoretical framework that I will use to analyze my sample and the socio-economic theory. Next to this is the presentation of the literature in the previous research in regard to Sweden and Peru. Then I will give an account of the search process. The chapter concludes with the plan of the thesis.