Health care in Nigeria as in many other countries is confronted with growing demand for medical treatment and services. The medical records must appropriately have all of the patients’ medical history. Physicians must maintain flawless records, because this document serves a number of purposes. This research aims to transform the manual way of searching, sorting, keeping and accessing patient medical information (files) into electronic medical record (EMR) in order to solve the problem associate with manual method. The existing system (manual) has been studied and hence a computer based application was provided to replace this manual method. These computer based systems generate the patient report as the patient register in and out of the hospital.


The rapid growth in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and the power of Internet has strongly impacted the business and service delivery models of today‘s global environment. E-Hospital Management Systems provide the benefits of streamlined operations, enhanced administration & control, superior patient care, strict cost control and improved profitability. ( I.J. Information Engineering and Electronic Business, 2013).

According to Paul R. Vegoda (1987), Hospital Management System (HMS) is defined as an integrated information system which improves patient care by increasing the user‘s knowledge and reducing uncertainty allowing rational decisions to be made from the information provided. Haux, Schmücker and Winter (1996) view the hospital information system as the entire information processing and information storage subsystem of a hospital, whereby it is not just about computer systems and networks and the computer-based application systems that are installed on them, but it is about the information in a hospital as a whole.

HMS are in high demand to handle increasing population needs and also aids the practicing doctors and hospital service and support staff with timely service and precision. There are varied metrics available to assess the performance of services like hospital industry, and the successful implementation and usage of Hospital information system forms a crucial role. Hospital information systems are available in the software market which in most cases needs to be customized and in some cases HMS needs to be developed as a customized software based on specific hospital requirements (user requirements).

This research work provides a customized software and was designed based on the latest web technology that is the HTML 5 and CSS3 responsive bootstrap in order to make it compatible across all devices. PHP was used to script the HTML pages and MYSQL served as the database engine.


In spite of the important function of medical record, it has come under severe threat that by the manual system of medical record keeping. This system involves taking down patient data on pieces of papers, which are then put in to the files and filed in cabinets.

Another problem is the missing of pieces of information. One standard hospital study reveals that on the average, patient records visited, there are pieces of information the doctor could not find in the paper file.

Physicians and their office staffs have said that, they spent more time looking for patient information, than the time they have for the patient, as issues related to risk management is security. The first consideration is the physical safety of the data being stored. Threats exist externally in the form of natural disasters. The most important issue is the security involved in patient’s privacy.