In Nigeria today, it’s a well-known fact that mathematics is one of the subjects that student find difficult to understand and pass for one reason or the other. The reason why student have this problem varies possible due to lack of good teachers and teaching styles of lectures and orientation. Some teachers might be good mathematician but might not know how to impact the knowledge on the students.

Another factor is orientation when the student are made of believe that mathematics is difficult, this how they take it.

Student need to be made to know that mathematics is one subject that we must practices because practices makes perfect, although there are also good teacher, while some students are sample lazy.

There is need for a computer software that can help out in some of the work, making the student to understand as long as the students are given values to work with, showing the working solution to understand mathematics better if not for anything but because it’s a computer.


A computer is an electronic machine, which can accept data as input, process and proffer the result as an output, at an alarming rate.

Computer has proliferated due to its ability to process data and deliver the information effectively and accurately. Its versatility made it applicable relatively in all the field of human endevours.

The research work is concerned with the development of an efficient, reliable and accurate computer assisted learning system on primary school mathematics. 

This is made possible by the use of computer through efficient and accurate programming activity, which is just a mental process of problem analysis and program design in most developing countries presently, its globally known that mathematics is the course that student often have problem to assimilate due to its technical and volatile nature.

Most people strongly believe that some pupils are dulls,  which makes them unable to understand, far from it, generally we all know that mental development in kids varies, some are mentally particular topic will destabilize some. Those with retrieve memory will assimilate while others will have theirs half baked with the help of computerized system, every pupil will devote enough time to stud a particular topic critically to his or her satisfaction to achieve the technique needed in taking related or such problem.

However, the aim of this research work is to design software, (program) which will water down efficiently and accurately the procedures and techniques to solve and calm the alarming situation that befalls young ones in their primary school days.

                      OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  

The purpose of this research work is to converge the diverged mind of pupils against mathematics as a course by developing software in place of the lecturer. This will certainly motivate the interest of students on mathematics more so, the program will provide criteria for question and answer, which means you stand the position to choose topics and access them randomly.