The aim of this project is to give a simplified approach to the procedures involved in the services offered by Insurance Companies. Since the insurance company or industry is an industry whereby the use of computer is most unpopular in the country.

The few computerized, Insurance companies are not totally computerized, but partially because, they believe human effort is highly needed and cannot be totally eliminated in the insurance companies world.

Since Insurance involve risk management, IE the conversion of risk to a fixed cost, which is calculated on the total risk involved, the need for computer cannot be over emphasized.

An effective management information system whereby data can be stored, accessed and retried when needed is very necessary in order to enhance quick services, and up-to-date management information and effective management decisions making process.

Due to time limit, this project work will be limited to the general business including all aspect of insurance.

The procedures involved in each aspect of insurance will be computerized.

                                       BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

In all sector of the society there are disasters which take may forms and no human being is immuned to them. There is no way of knowing who will have a loss or when a loss will happen. But at least some of the monetary casually can be met up by a group of people who come together to bear the risks of others. These people are known as “INSURANCE”.

Companies compensate for the financial losses suffered as a result of those risks of life. They do not stop the disasters or misfortunes from occurring but rather they suffer the offering of monetary compensation to the insurable victims.

This work is developed so that most of the work done manually in the insurance companies can be carried out using computers with the aim of achieving efficiency and accuracy in the operations of business and also to make the task insurance manager easier through providing them with management information within a short period of time. 

In developed countries, insurance companies are the second larges users of computer but it’s use in the Nigerian insurance companies are comparatively very low. There are several areas of application of computers insurance companies. The use of computers insurance companies try to guard themselves against staff shortages in additions to performing the administrative work associated with customer’s policies like keeping records of customers, proposals, calculations of premises claims when necessary.

Despite the fact that computers have been extensively used in insurance industries in Europe and America for over forty year, it’s use in the insurance industry in Nigeria is comparatively recent and very low.

                     STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Since the need for an introductions of a device as an aid to the fast increasing human counting calculating and data storage arises, which eventually led to the invention of computers, it is hoped that computers have a good degree of its application in insurance industry.

The work done is a very tedious and voluminous and most of the times the persons that are involved in calculating some of the statistical figures get tired or even make mistakes in the calculation thereby bringing out results which are full of mistakes. Although the files are stored in cabinets which are labeled, one or more files can be misfiled into another cabinet where they are not supposed to be kept and this may lead to delay in the proceeding of such files when they are needed for settlements of claims.        

The speed of processing is low and the accuracy of the result of calculations cannot be predicted. There is also inflexibility in handling and processing of various types of enormous statistical and this caused in efficiency in any insurance policy.