Every year, new technology is found in which computers is one of them, computers take part in solution of business problems, initially, they were seen as capable of performing calculation, which would be impossible, which came the commercial break through were faster method of input, and output are more developed and it was realized that much clerical, budget could be removed by using a machine to perform routine task.

Computer is used in different areas, including the modern shops. Manually, the effective and smooth management of a modern supermarket inventories of stock and daily sales are kept in note books, which is made up those paper or document in which information are kept or stored. Such information include quantity of goods bought, name /part number of goods, price of each item bought (unit price) and the cost of goods bought which is usually its unit price multiplied its quantity.

The objective of this project is to design a logic which with the aid of computer system will effectively handles operations which were mentioned above as being normally carried out in modern shop i.e computerization of a modern cosmetics shop.



In our modern supermarket today, day-day transaction are run, with adequate reports and feed back on the status of the inventory and account. Transaction processing and report system is always very important to managements of the modern shops.

          The point of sale of every supermarket handle daily transaction and processing, referencing the stock and taking into consideration the expired of products in the stock, from the point of sale, the account status of the general transaction exercise is ascertained.

          The daily transaction does not just take place without updating the stock to make sure that no product runs out of stock. The expired data of every product is also tested on daily basis with the generated income all these products report, which is submitted to the management’s decision making.


          The objectives of this project is to designing a logic which aid of computer system will effectively handle operation, which were being manually carried out in the computerization of a modern cosmetics shop.

          Thus, for a modern cosmetics to be computerized, a computer program has to be in place in consideration information that assist the management in decision making, an example of such information is a message on screen like “pleased order for more”, when the quantity on hand or in stock has reached a particular level which will be noted during updating.

          Also, management needs to know that task of customers, this can be noted form the oftenest of  request of the particular stock by customers, which will be noted form the transaction file on how to manage a modern cosmetics.