This project work focused on the design and implementation of a system for processing students ID-Card. The study investigates the ID-Card processing expert system as a tool for revolutionized computer profession. It concentrates on how improved representations of processing knowledge and problem solving strategies have advanced the field of artificial intelligence in computer. The system generally involve mainly in manual process and it was discussed under the following process, when students visits the processing department for the purposes of ID-card there personal data are ended in the record and they will be asked to leave and came back in some days or weeks to collect their processed ID-card.

          The researcher investigates the manual system in detail with the view of finding out the need to automate it. Happily, the final result of the processing expert system was its ability to produce on the spot a wait and take processed ID-Card by processing the input data and provide summary of the ID-Card process for a particular student.  

                             STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

In examination of the main processing techniques used in ID-card processing system from the stage of data processing system to end stage of the processed ID-Card, a number of problem area are made known, which are as follows:

It has been noted that for students to relieve or collect their ID-Card in institute of management and technology (IMT) Enugu, they queen up for several hours from one unit of the processing center to the another with the manual processed involved in handling the students ID-card process, most of them waste the whole day in the processing center without getting their ID-cards. So student do waste a lot of time in taking information and retrieving the students records.



          In looking at the already mentioned problems that is naturally parts of the conventional system, the aim of the study is to provide the description ID-card processing system for student’s information with users who have had a little communication with computer science.

          The purpose of this study is not to replace record employees, but to assist them to increase on the processing work. This will go further completely to remove invalid processing of ID-card, which can be implicating to the students, consequently, this will help the user to overcome stress and constancy of being overworked. This study is also aimed at educating the users and records employees in private and government owned schools on how best a computerize ID-card processing system could help for optimum services to the public.