Intelligence tests and similar tests are widely used in schools, business, government, the military, and medicine. In many cases, intelligence tests are used to avoid the biases more arbitrary methods of selection introduce. For example, it was once common for colleges to admit students whose parents had attended the college or who came from socially prominent families. By using tests, colleges could select students based on their ability instead of their social position.

Intelligence tests were originally designed for use in schools. In elementary and secondary schools, educators use tests to assess how well a student can be expected to perform and to determine if special educational programs are necessary. Intelligence tests can help to identify students with mental retardation and to determine an appropriate educational program for these students. Intelligence tests may also be required for admission into programs for the gifted or talented Students. Institutions of higher education use achievement or aptitude tests, which are very similar to intelligence tests, for the selection and placement of students.

The need to improve on the method which results are been processed in our secondary schools has been a very important task which the researcher attached great importance’s. Theory one, a lecture, farmer or a doctor expert yield (results) at one time of the other in life. At all level of learning (primary, secondary and tertiary institutions) students also expect result at the end of any term of semester. This is to enable them know their level of performances in the class.

Result processing involve the computations, which help and enable the grading of students performances and in making decision, based on the school policies. For example, weather a student should be promoted to the next class or repeat a class.

With the advent of computer technology, the secondary schools, like most other organizations has seen an increasing role in the use of computers in connecting with the delivery of services. In most instances, it is the use of certain technologies to store or process paper document in an electronic format. Unlike paper system and processing, a computer program is designed to not only keep records, but also to provide a way for that information’s to be processed, interactive and secure.



Automation of Students Result is a necessity in Mamman Kontagora Technical College, Pandogari, Examination office; the current manual system used in Exam office of the school is not effective at all, some problems is still existing in the process involved in carrying out the activities that goes on in the processing of student results. These problems includes: -

i.        Loss of vital information

ii.       Delay in compilation, which can affect decision making such as promotion.

iii.      Inaccurately record keeping (on academics).

iv.      Errors of omitting important figures giving rises to wrong information

v.       Expenses involving too many hands

vi.      The school record large amount of student issues promoted without their concern.

vii.     The result is sometimes influenced both by the teachers and some student whose parents are rich. 

All these problems are what make the researcher to embark on this research project, to design a program of computer that will solve the problems in exam office of Mamman Kontagora Technical College, Pandogari


The primary objectives of the research project are to design and implement computer program, which would assist Mamman Kontagora Technical College, Pandogari in the result processing system processes. This shall be achieved by using Visual Basic programming language with the computer hardware’s that are available. The aims and objectives the research hope to achieve is as follows:  -

i.        Study and identify the limitations of the existing system

ii.       Design a computer based program to handle the system

iii.      Create a database for the academic record of students and incase problems associated with access the information can be retrieved.

iv.      Facilitate accuracy and data security during and after processing.

v.       Fast processing and output generation within the shortest time.

vi.      To eliminate duplication of data and hence improve integrity of data.