PRODA is a research and development centre based in Enugu.

Personnel management system deals with the general operation procedure and flow of information about people working in the organization, in this case, PRODA as well their future personnel needs. This system is concerned primarily with the basic functions or\f recruitment training and development benefits and welfare, the achievement of personnel policies and procedures.

Computerized system poses high speed of processing precision, storage, its versatility and high retrieval system makes possible the completion of tasks that could never been achieved with manual system because of the difficulty of completing them on time for the results to be useful.

Therefore in the project, I will carry out among other things the feasibility study of existing system, design and develop, a new system implementable in any given Dbase4. 


            Computers have become a glamorous new adventure especially its limitless areas of application. With the society, so computer oriented literacy and application have become a must computer literacy involve knowledge of basic computer concepts that is knowing simple computer terminology, how he computer works and how it can basically be used to solve problems. The quest for computer knowledge is increasing being felt in the society, schools at all levels are vigorously acquiring computer and engaging in in computer education which has become a requirement for many institution. Many companies and organization are all interested on how fast they could get the job done with great efficiency and accuracy. Not only that many organization no longer employ those who have no basic computer knowledge. In Nigerian today, basic knowledge in computer has become one of the criteria for employment.

            Following the emergency of computer and other electronic data processing equipment paper working and other recording keeping system have been replaced with the term data processing.

            This “data processing” became popular when men can no longer remember all his activities and the need for record keeping came into play.

            The uses of computer have caused decisive changes in human civilization. Its development is one of the major events not just in scientific history, but in the world history. Computers have a bigger impact on then the atomic energy. Another major event that more or less made some historical period, the only possibility that atomic energy will have bigger impact in its case is that there will be bo historian to discuss the matter. The computer has deeper effect on us than anything else because it penetrates the technological level. It penetrates the logical activity, political activity and the way people think. It is very difficult to think of any aspect of our life that are not scientifically influenced.

            The trade unionists and workers have attached sentiments and evils against this situation machine because they see it as necessarily increasing the level of unemployment at categories of the labour force. But researchers are sincerely of the view that is automations creates unemployment but displacing it from some jobs, it is capable of generating greater employment opportunities by increasing aggregate output. This will ensure a greater demand for goods, services and likewise labour in the economy of the country. This is the type of result that is employed by industry, organization, forms, especially in administration.  Where automation has been properly conceived implemented and managed.

            Personnel management is one crucial tasking and risking aspects of organization is glaringly not only important but also an essential necessity. The advantage and applications are limitless impotently may be a brief and snappy scan at the function of personnel management will quickly unveil the arduous and tasking nature of the processes and the unlimited advantages of application of the computer in the personnel management system.

            The personnel management system term among other embraces:- 

·               Recruitment, selection and placement

·               Wages and salaries administration

·               Employee welfare, health and safety and leave

·               Training and development and industrial relations and joint consultation

The computers have not always helpful to managers and decisions maker because of our inability to properly unlock the potential of computer-based system especially in help decisions makers.  Computer is reshaping all of society and the world business.

In this project titles “Computer-based personnel management information” system is centered on using the computer as an aid to process (manipulate) the personnel and all its management function with its attached advantages over the mundane or obsolete traditional filing system.



            Anybody who has worked in any form or organization could attest to the problems of delay in carrying out one of the management functions enumerated above, untimely processing and production reports, lack of paper storage, data information omissions, destination of information/ records etc.

            Hence need for a computer-based personnel information system for PRODA.