The result is a substantially product of student at the end of a course/study to enable both the school/institution and the student know it level of performance. The transcript form the collective semester/term result given full detail of what grade score, the student was to produce at the end of the day. There are a lot of problem associated with the generation of result and transcript some of the generation result and transcript some of which are:

1.                 Delay of competition process.

2.                 Omitting of some student.

3.                 Omitting of course at time due to human error.

These system shows go a long way in ensuring that all the necessary consideration is put in place to produce efficient and effective system to enable the examination office/exam and record office have less work to do when producing results and transcript of their student. The new system shall be designed in a GUI (graphical user interface) to enable easy interaction between the user and the machine also have a very good and nice output at the end of computation process so that those things that pause as problem should be eliminated.


In computer science a computation history is a sequence of steps taken by an abstract machine in the process of computing it result. Computation histories are frequently used in proofs about the capabilities of certain machines, and particular about the indecision ability of various formal languages.

Formally a computation history is a (normally finite) sequence of configuration of a formal automation each configuration fully describe the status of the machines at a particular point. The result of any computation is itself impossible to compute without going through the same sequence of steps that the computer programmed to perform the computation undergoes.

Transcript: - in education a transcript is an inventory of the courses taken and grades earned of a student alleged throughout a course it is also a copy of a student’s permanent academic records which usually means all courses taken, all grades received, all honors received and degrees conferred to a student.


   The aim of this research is to develop a system that process result.

1.                 It increase efficiency in evaluation of result and collection is achieved within the department and also department of borrowed courses.

2.                 It helps examination officers to compute each of student name matric number and year the student matriculated.

3.                 Help the examination officers in computing result fast in producing transcript.

4.                 Provide cumulative student result.

5.                 Ensure data security in the database.