Designing and implementation are learnt in this project.

          Computer science course is relatively a new subject, its importance cannot be our emphasized with respect to the designing and implementation in word processing packages either in science, engineering, military business, industry and government.

          Rate of processing of a proposed form, certification and designing of word  processor even if they design the rate of implementing is very low, since it involves writing it, which is done manually. An introduction of the designer of the simple word processor was carried out and also displayed to introduced the users the make of the operation of the simple word processor.

          After the  message is displayed, it is made to wait on the screen till one has enough time to record it after which the user presses they key to continue if there is any need to press the key.


          This can guide us as we explain the system, since computer science is a new course. It’s importance can’t be over emphasized with respect to designing and implementation in text editing package which could be in science, engineering, business or government etc.

          Consequently, computers are becoming indispensable. This is obviously true in developed countries like Nigeria is gradually being gravitated into computer oriented society with professional like engineers, analysts, designer etc. this might being enormous emphasis on design and implementation of some parts in the computer as well as the electronic circuits.

          We have to design this simple text editor and word processing package and at least come out with an output design from a computer system that could serve as a tepping stone towards building of other text editing and simple word processing package and took more promising in the near future.



          Processing data of all sorts is relatively low, since it involve writing which is done manually. Misusing it computer keyboard, and lack of cohesion on the part of users, frequently do occur. It is well noted that there are sometimes.

Unnecessary delays and difficult routine papers works, which are, involved in simple word processing and text editing.

          As these things are brought to light, there is then a need to design our own self-satisfactory package that could be used to carry out these functions by al users. These objectives could be reached by integrating the existing system into the proposed system and package.