The difficulties students record office usually face in any higher institution, made us to realize that computer assisted record system is the best in processing students record in IMT ENUGU, Enugu.  This will save our school the embarrassment caused by students complaints at the end of working day.

Our basic objective of designing and implementing an online students record system is the development of data Base computer program that will enable the Register and record officers to efficiently, accurately and effectively process and co-ordinate the various students activities in the institution without much difficulties with little time.

In view of this, record officers must prepare for successful working relationship with an online information processing and in addition get their members of staff familiarized with the system for easy and effortless exercise that produce reliable output (result).

This project describes how much an students record system is developed and how in particular it can be effectively used for the day to day running of the set-up.

For the purpose of this research we shall use data base programming language version iv.  This is because Dbase iv handles a large volume of data.  It is database management package, which is good for student’s record keeping activities.


Database is a collection of logically related files, organized in a manner to satisfy the needs of an organization.  A database is a store of data structured so that access and update can be made by different people in different ways without needs to change its design or content for this to happen, it is essential that all data items are logically related.

            Database is always necessary to store date items once, because of it, input cost are lower.  Duplicate letters are largely dominated thereby saving space and ensuring data consistency.  Data is defined as an unprocessed facts.  They are raw fact that are unprocessed.  Data does not have meaning.  Information are processed data through the computer, which process different type of information.  Information in the computer is stored in codes. File is the collection of related filed, field is the collection of data items.

            Database management system are important, because important information requirement and non-specialist need easy ways of accessing this information.  Large amount of data with many types of records occurring many times in database management system.  Also in database management system, complex data structures including many relationships between data items.  Many organization will have many use requirement in data base management system.  Organizations will also have many frequent demand for changes to be made which only unflexible database management system can cope with.

            Data is viewed as a source to be shared by as many process as possible.  As a result, data must be organized in a way that is flexible and adaptable to un anticipation requirements.  The data which they stored in anticipation of requests, and the requests themselves. Data may be stored as references to documents, microforms or computer coded text, graphics etc.  the service may be offered on a local basis or through a telecommunication network.  Database system may be operated by organizations for their own benefit or offered to the public on a subscription basic.  The output from database services is either a document or computer data presented, say, on a video display unit or a voice output.

            The main purpose of database is to satisfy the user information needs.  The way in which these needs are expressed largely determined the principles of operation of a particular database system.

            Rerhaps the most straight forward request for database is when the user supplies a complete reference for a document. The job of the service then is to locate a copy of the document and deliver it to the user.   This is usually referred to as document retrieved service.  It may be aided by computers in compelling the index to the documents in store, and in physically locating a required document as in a computerized warehouse.

            More after then not, however, database need are expressed in terms of a request for data such as, how many patient are being admitted monthly in a hospital? Or what kind of sickness of a patient? To answer such questions reference must be made to records stored either in printed form or as computer coded data.  The first of there is often refered to as information retrieval, the later as database search, when the index to the printed record is computerized.

            The database distribution system, with the added facility of storage at computer coded text, offer one approach to reducing, the physical size of records, and to mechanizing their search and  retrieval the records unfortunately, first have to be converted into computer compatible form, and can be consulted only after reconversion via some printing or display device.