This system design is to give useful and timely roster to medical personnel and attention is been directed to the computerization of Medical Duties Schedule of Federal Medical Centre Bida, Niger State.




             Computezised medical duties scheduling system is an aspect that plays a vital role for successful achievement of its curriculum. This works are based on steps which has specified duration of time and a mapped out work code associated with it. The time stipulated to be utilized maximally to enable you cover the work load elaborated.

              The issue of analysis of the work load and time involve in an hospital category and distributing the work load is time interval. For maximum knowledge, this impact a great concern to the professorate in the field. This is where comprehensive medical duties schedule is always designed to suit the curriculum.

              Medical duties schedule does not only involve the overall capture of time duties to medical personnel, it also involve the carefully allocation of other resources like labour force and space available, when all this factors are not adequately taken care of, it lead to clashes which hinder the effective hospital operation.This activities can be effectively handled through the use of a computer system.


              The primary aim of this project work is to design and implement a duty roster for the medical personnel .The following are objectives of this work:

To design a more accurate, reliable, and comprehensive computer program for medical duties roster.

             To relieve the burden and obstacles hindering the production of effective medical duties.

             To improve work force productivity.

             To meet effectively provide new and better way of delivering healthcare that meet the needs of patients.