This report analyzes the needs to build an annual report generator which has the properties of Modularity, Simplicity in use and Maintainability based on current web technology. It also describes the software development process from design to implementation. The description is goal criteria based so it explains the advantages of the developed annual report generator. This report also discusses the further works that can be done in the future and their regarding implementation difficulties.


This section describes the task of building the annual report generator, introduces the requirement and goal criteria. It also explains my motivation and basic solution in order to build such application successfully.

Task Description

Research in Computer Science (RICS) is a research group that belongs to the School of Mathematics and System Engineering (MSI), Växjö University. RICS has to hand in annual report to the university. In order to improve the efficiency of that process, RICS needs an application that can generate the annual report automatically. RICS has recently built a web site that displays the information of that research group and it also wants the annual report generator application to be accessible from that web site. So the task of building the annual report generator can be divided into two phases: 1. Getting familiar with the architecture of the existing web site. 2. Developing an Annual Report Generator that is integrated with the RICS web site. 

 Requirements and Goal Criteria

The functional requirements of the report generator are focusing on the content of the report, which comes from Professor Welf Löwe (the supervisor of this project). The non-functional requirements or the goal Criteria are documented in the project proposal, which includes:

 Modularity: the boundary of the subsystems will be clearly designed and fit together well so changes occurring in one part will not have any impact on the others.

 Simplicity in use: the system’s user interface will be designed user-friendly and clearly, which will help the user to use the application in a straight-forward manner.

 Maintainability: The system will be well documented and commented so it will be easy to maintain. It will also be extendable for adding more functions in the future.

The Existing System

The project started at the end of March 2006. After the proposal of the project was accepted, I got the code of the web site from the supervisor. The main information available from the web site include information on researchers, their core competences, projects, publications, courses, thesis projects, impressum, and location of the research group. The web site can be viewed in two languages, Swedish and English. It also allows authenticating users via username and password