This project was centered on traffic offense documentation system. The current process of traffic offense documentation is being operated manually and due to this procedure numerous problem are been encountered. A design was taken to computerized the manual process in order to check this problem. The problems were identified after series of interviews and examination of documents after which analysis was made and a computerized procedure recommended. This project will also suggest how to successfully implement the computerized procedure and to overcome the obstacle that would hinder the successful implementation of the system. The new system was designed using visual basic 6.0 and Microsoft access database. This language was chosen because of its easy syntax and features for developing windows based applications.

                                                     BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

            Around the world road traffic injuries are a major public health challenges that requires concerted efforts for effective and sustained prevention. An estimated 1.2 million people are killed in road crashes every year and many as 50 million supper injuries. The world health organization believe that these figures could increase by more them half over the next 20year unless there is a firm commitment to road safety and accident prevention, especially in Nigeria, most adult will know of someone who has been killed or injured in a road traffic accidents. It is a dad fact that many of these accidents and their consequences will have been avoidable.

            Therefore this project, computerized traffic offence documentation system will help to keep records of all traffic offences committed by road users and also maintain the databases of the commission

                          STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The present system of traffic offence documentation system has a lot of problems which are mentioned below:

TIME: - going by the present system of operation, time is consumed in the manual handling of operation involves in road traffic documentation.

COST: - this is the greatest problem of the federal Road safety commission. The commission ends to lose a lot of money running the agency manually.

                                                                OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

The objectives are as follows:

1.                  To provide better services to the public and users.

2.                  To keep records that are compact, integrated and up dated

           3.                     To produce a system where information and output report will be produced or made available much faster more accurately and more detailed to the commission and the public (Road users).