The computer system in recent times has become a relevant tool particularly in the area of storage and dissemination of information. The ease with which the computer function that is accuracy and readiness has rendered the manual method almost meaningless.

            The government establishment, private firms, institution, individuals etc. are now using computer to solve most of their problems. Examination administration is not left out in this technology.

            The use of computer software by the examination body of the federal polytechnic, Bida to post staff for examination invigilation will make it easier and faster for that activity to be done. This will be done at random, that is, posting staff of a school into another school in particular order. Therefore, with the use of this software, no staff will have the idea of where he/she invigilate because this will be done by the computer system randomly.


Basically, human beings have their own way to making judgment. This sometimes is full of irregularities, sometimes favoritism and several human factors. Computer system, unlike manual method will do the staff posting at a high speed and accuracy and the output is dependable.


  The aim of this project work is to develop a software that can handle the procedures involved in the posting /selection of staff into various school that are available for examination invigilation.

            This is made possible by suing computer system due to the level of accuracy, consistency and efficiency compared to the manual method that is being used currently at the end of this project. The following goals or objective should be achieved.

1.      The posting of staff will be done at the click of a button after the necessary details has been supplied or entered into the computer system.

2.      The number of staff posted will be known and the number of staff that are not posted will also be known.

3.      There will be provision to search for a particular staff invigilation roster.

4.      The problem of double posting will be dealt with.

5.      The posting that has been done can be referenced when needed.