Cash receipt generating system is a viable source in any business organization and venture and so on, its main purpose is to maintain a more reliable records of money going out from the firm. This is look upon the view that the business organizations most have business associates that exchange market with each other. It is a sure fact that the most have been a contract of which, there is an obligatory task that stands the terms of agreement, it could be a payment to their clients or partners of from their clients who pays into their own account. Another thing matters weather it will be cash without remark balance or install mental, and how many installment it is going to be.

          The rate of accepting different sources of receipts by the topic of the research in to an organization, keeping track of the files can at any operates the organization and client’s financial reports.

          This is clear stated in the organization activities and manner of operation. Whenever there is payment, there is also the issuing of receipts this is centered on the writing of what each party has in stock.

          For there to be a computerized business operation, the business must be look upon in a new way of existence. No only being concerned with customers, prices output and so forth one should also consider the fact that data forms, information flows procedures etc. it is momentous on the basic that computers are used as a co-existing element to information system. This application is effective and productive because it enhance to process a more better information system(Automated).


Design and Implementation of Online Receipt Generation is a necessity in Nigeria Block Industries, following the demand for blocks in nowadays economy. The current manual system used in issuing receipt to customers is not effective at all, some lapses is still existing in the process involved in carrying out the activities that goes on in the issuing of receipts to customers. These lapses includes: -

i.        The lifetime of paper record is very less that it easily getting damaged, thus resulting in loss of data.

ii.       It is quite difficult for generating the reports and is time consuming for any updation.

iii.      The great limitation to the existing system is that, service to the customer is limited

iv.      Manual system needs more manpower for its functioning than computer system. Expenditure is high in terms of salary and time.

v.       The other limitation of the existing system is that there is no communication between doctor and patient when they are away from the hospital.

vi.      It creates redundancy in the casher’s office, since each receipt issued to customer have a duplicate attached to it behind.

vii.     Due to the manual system the block industries operate, they end up not having receipts for some customer and such customers might be deny supply by another casher.

viii.    Most block industries record large amount of blocks supply without receipts and payment do not reflect on their account.

          All these problems are what make the researcher to embark on this project work, to design a web-based program of computer that will be solutions to the problems in all Nigeria block industries.


The primary objectives of the research project are to design and implement of web-based system, which would assist Nigeria Block Industries, casher’s office in generating receipts to their customer as they are buying blocks on the internet.

          The objective for embarking on this project work is to find solution to the problems facing Nigeria Block Industries in terms of sales, recording and generation of invoice to their patriotic customers. These includes: -

1.       To design and implement web site where a customer can go, buy and generate receipts for their self anytime which would help speed up the process in the block industries.

2.       To eradicate the usual occurrence of loss of documents to fire, pest and other damages.

3.       To provide high storage capacity for data

4.       To eliminate duplication of data and hence improve integrity of data and prevent physical documentary of papers.

5.       To provide adequate security for the industries’ data

6.       To make the retrieval of purchase/information very easy and stress less on request/need.