This proposed research work is a tutor that will help to guide people or end users on how to install and maintain a CCTV system. The methodology is on observing on the existing system or contains the programming language to be used is V.B.NET.


This guide is written for those who do need video security and can't afford sometimes quit costly installation services or if the CCTV installer is not available in your area - the latter is more common than one might think. We will cover most common security equipment types, as it is virtually impossible to go over such a wide range of different security cameras and recording/video processing equipment available on the market. I assume anyone considering do-it-yourself CCTV installation has basic knowledge of wiring techniques and practices. I am not to be hold responsible or liable for damages to the equipment due to mishandling or misuse. Remember during the installation always pay' attention to safety.Working at heights and using tools can be dangerous please follow all safety practices. Let's jump right to it now. CCTV is a critical asset to companies,especially in the form of security cameras. The system may have one viewer or tens of thousands. A permanent setup may exist or the system may be a temporary one that disappears the next day. CCTV is often used in schools, corporations, and entertainment venues.


The aim of this proposed is to design an application that will guide end users on how to install and maintain CCTV objectives as follow:

         To analyze the Existing manual system.

         To enable easy installation of the CCTV and maintenance.

         To encourage the use of CCTV and maintaining it in Nigeria.

         To enable the public access to CCTV by end users and new users in Nigeria.