Staff records department in a firm or in an organization like ours is a department that gathers information regarding staff statistics and condition of service. This information is obtained continually to ensure continuity in staff management.

The conversional methods of keeping the 0se records are basically the same in higher institutions.

With so much importance attached to the provision of quality records in this   information age, then the need to follow the trend of information technology (I.T) to speed up and reduce the stress in manual method of keeping records. To achieve this, an object oriented programming language like visual basic 6.0 is used to develop the software.

                                    STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

Institutions, organizations and banks in Nigeria at the earlier stages of their inception have been manually operated. That is, records are organized, accessed, and retrieved by human beings manually. This manual method made the whole thing very difficult to handle.

With the increase in staff in our institution, the above method has been proven very difficult and tedious to work upon. The problems faced here are:

  1. Poor statistics about a particular staff: this may be as a result of lost or misplaced staff files
  2. Longer Waiting Time: The record clerk wastes so much time in bringing a staff folders. In case the management needs the record for a particular staff, it takes the clerk time to manually organize the data and bring it to the destination where it is needed. Thereby contributing to time wastage.
  3. Inaccurate Staff Report: Sometimes staff report are not properly stated and reported. This results to questionable report being sent to management for planning.
  4. Mishandling of Staff Folders: Staff folders are often handled with little or no regard. This leads to detaching and tearing away of some of the staff important documents.
  5. Unrestricted Access To Staff Records: Due to poor security checks in most institutions, staff records which are main to be confidential are exposed to unauthorized persons.

These and more contribute to inefficient records keeping.

                                              OBJECTIVE OF STUDY

The purpose of this project work is to develop an automated staff record system that could speed up records job efficiently and effectively, and also reduce the cost of labor.

Up-To-Date RECORDS OF STAFF ARE KEPT: This allows for easy retrieval of staff files when the need arises. Staff data are kept up-to-date so as to enhance the assessment of the staff both for future, present and past records.

This can also be used for staff appraisal and also help to monitor the conduct of the staff at a glance through the records. By viewing the database, vital information for planning, staff equipment and the welfare of the institution is obtained thus improving resources allocation.

Staff records are stored by the system: This will eliminate the problem of lost files thereby improving record services tendered   by the records department.

In a networked environment, terminals or workstation should be present only at the records room and the personnel or administration manager’s office. The software should include security checks to prevent unauthorized access to confidential records of a staff stored in the system’s database. The software would be menu-driven to provide a user-friendly environment