International Marketing Communication in Mobile Phone Industry : Application of IMC and Consumer Behavior Theor


The purpose of this study orients to the discussion of the applicability of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) in Chinese market, typically in the music mobile phone industry which occupies the noticeable proportion of contribution to the overall market share within the whole product category. As IMC is aiming at realizing the effective and efficient brand marketing communication basing on the target consumers’ needs and wants, the Consumer Behavioral Characteristics (CBC) in local market is necessary to be summarized.   The author carries through the discussion starting from the literature review of consumer behavior science and relevant IMC theories. Basing on the theories, the questionnaire investigating in the consumer behavioral tendency and responses to the current adopted marketing strategy is carried out. Then grounding on the analysis of the questionnaire results as well as the concerned theoretical sources, performance of IMC in its target market is evaluated as the main goal of this study.    As Kevin Lane Keller, Brian Sternthal, & Alice Tybout state in their research of brand positioning, companies need to figure out and construct the brand value according to three prerequisites, establishing a frame, leveraging points of parity and convincing the points of difference to be compelling. No matter which points of difference the brand grounds on as its competitive advantages, the information should be delivered, consistent with the overall brand strategy, to the target consumers through brand marketing communication to influence on their recognition and attitude. This is the first step of realizing the essence of marketing and what IMC basically aims at. Summarizing and evaluating the characters of IMC in its application in the local market is essential for the brand marketing communication strategy especially in mobile phone industry. It needs to be based on the local circumstance that leads and helps form the consumer behavioral traits. This paper endeavors in contributing to the analysis of the local CBC in the process of purchase decision making as well as shaping long-term attitude towards mobile phone brands, in order to establish the practical foundation for its discussion in the effectiveness of the objective marketing strategy and the application of the relevant theories in the brand marketing strategy.  However, besides the previous studies upon the practicality of IMC connecting with the local factors, there is still much space for the future work to dig into the influence of specific adaptation and restriction elements on the application of the marketing theories, since e.g. the proportion within the previous researches, having measured the real outcome of IMC reflected in financial accountability or other quantitative method, is not very high. How to make the communication carriers consistent with each other to “speak in one voice” and how to make the diffused information effective in shaping the expected consumers’ beliefs and attitudes and establishing the long-term brand loyalty are still requiring the further elaboration of the influential factors and scientific ways of estimation of the marketing communication strategy. 

 Problems and Purposes 
Due to the widely adoption of the conception of IMC in Chinese market, the main purpose of this study is to evaluate the performance of IMC in present Chinese MMP industry, including the discussion on the current position of the adopted brand marketing strategy. And to fulfill this purpose, another task should be realized first, the summarization of the consumer behavioral characteristics in marketing communication which are concluded basing on the relevant theories and the questionnaire. Therefore, the launched questionnaire serves as the basis both for the estimation of the applicability of IMC and for the relatively objective conclusion of the consumer behavior. 

Research Methods 
 Aiming at the main research purposes, fulfilling the above-mentioned tasks requires the review of the conception, levels, and stages, etc. of IMC, as well as packing up the theories related to consumer behavior characteristics. Thereby, the method of literature review in this study is regarded as the fundamental section. Additionally, due to the necessity of combining the abstract consumer behavioral preference with practice, that is, processing the actual demonstration in evaluating the effectiveness of BMC, besides consulting the open data including the interview record news of the concerned principals and the year report of the industry issued by official agency, the more direct communication with the targeted consumers within possible range is highly needed. The design of the investigation basing on the related theories and factual situation and the direct feedback recalled in the possibly shortest duration and with certain number of answerers contribute greatly to the discussion of the actual situation.