Design And Implementation Of A Computerized Cargo Transportation Management System


                            STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

The management of Cargo in Nigeria has over the years attracted poor patronage as a result of errors inherent in the system.  it is no longer a mewling that loss of customers goods is now the order of the day, the reasons are not far –fetched.  Due to this manual procedures involved in Cargo management, clients have no other option than to be at the mercy of this error prone procedures.

            Members of staff of supper maritime one to the registered shipping agencies and a subsidiary of Nigerian ports plc cannot provide their goods that is  the nature of the method used in calculating the tonnage to know the amount of money to pay as cargo fees.

            The method of information storage in the company is poor.  This limits the number of official documents accessible by the customers because the system is not capable of managing old items of information which could be of use to be customer of anytime.

            There is little or no security control system where the customers’ goods, document and classified information of the customer could be safe guarded from unauthorized access.


                                                     AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

The aims and objectives of this study is to design and implement a computerized cargo transportation management system that will among other thing, make provision for a detailed breakdown of the customers weight of the goods / Cargo, quick retrieval and display of information pertaining to the client.

            Provisions is also made to check fraud and other criminal acts carried out by both parties involved in the transaction and this lead to security and control.  Also another aim of this study is to provide a system that will manage the customer’s document from the port of loading to the port of discharge with his on ground there will  be no conflict between the port of loading and port of discharge.