Automated billing is an action in which the Billings for goods and services occurs without the need to pay in cash by hand. Many billing systems of this type provide the ability to generate and send electronic copies of the invoices to customers. The use of this type of billing systems makes it possible to manage the payment process with greater efficiency, saving the company both time and money.                                                                                                                                  There are several features that are common to automated billing system. In most cases, the system is designed to allow the creation of customer profiles which contain all the data needed to accurately prepare them for shopping anywhere in the world. This data will include the customer name, billing address, billing contact, and an email address if the invoice is to be sent electronically. In most cases, the automated billing system will collect data from other sources that have to do with customer usage, or allow for the manual entry of orders once they are fulfilled. The processes within the billing system then apply the proper rates for each order and create an account.


Automated Billing System is a necessity in Shopping Complex, following the demand for shopping in nowadays economy. The current manual system used in paying for good and services is not effective at all and sometimes still have some lapses existing in the process involved in carrying out the activities that goes on in the process of paying a bill. These lapses includes: -

i.        A customer might want to buy some things were there is no enough cash with them that can buy such good or service.

ii.       All Currency is made of Papers and nylon and the lifetime of them is very less that it easily get damaged, thus resulting in loss of such currency.

iii.      The divisibility of high denomination of money sometime do not encourage shopping in a particular shopping Centre’s.

iv.      Manual system needs more manpower for its functioning than automated system. Expenditure is high in terms of salary and time.

v.       The other limitation of the existing system is that there is no security, considering someone who wants to buy a car with small denomination of currency.

vi.      It creates redundancy in the casher’s table, since each customer as to be issued receipt and each receipts issued to customer have a duplicate attached to it behind.

vii.     Due to the manual system the shopping complex operates, they end up not been fair to some of their customers.


The primary aims of the research project are to design and implement an Automated Billing system, which would assist Shopping Complex, casher’s in billing generating receipts to their customer as they are shopping in the complex.

          The objective for embarking on this project work is to find solution to the problems facing Shopping Complex in terms of Billings and generation of invoice to their patriotic customers. These includes: -

1.       To design and implement an Automated Billing System where a customer can go, shop and will be bill using cards and generate receipts for their customers after been billed by the system.

2.       To reduce workload of staff.

3.       To reduce the delay in processing time.

4.       To reduce the delay in bill generation.

5.       To provide the user-friendliness in all possible ways.

6.       To provide greater flexibility.

7.       Make maintenance changes easy.

8.       To store data in a centralized location to reduce redundancy and increase consistency.

9.       To facilitate shopping anywhere in the world without cash.

10.     To bring about realizing cash-less economy.