Transportation is a requirement for every nation, regardless of its industrial capacity, population size or technological development. The Nigerian transport systems, right from inception, were poorly designed and are unable to scale up to meet greater demand, a design flaw which causes traffic congestion on roads, overstressed railways, faltering airfields, mass-transport blind spots, poor management and ticketing system. The world is trending towards IT based technologies and Nigeria as a country and Niger Poly as a tertiary institution is not left behind. The nature of transport needs makes it a key player in any viable economy. Owing to the possibilities that IT offers and the need for improved services (management, ticketing and payment). This project is designed to allowed members of Niger Poly both students and staff to make reservation for the bus ticket via online. Passengers make payment via online after making reservation so they no need of time wasting, going for counter making payment. This system is a web-based application developed using HTML (frontend), php (server side) and MySql as backend (Database).


Transportation and property are important in physical and economic development of towns and cities all over the world. Property and land values tend to increase in areas with expanding transportation networks, and increase less rapidly in areas without such improvements. Rapid and continued rise in housing and land prices are expected in cities with transportation improvements and rapid economic and population growth (Goldberg, 1970).

Man, nations, regions and the world would be severely limited in development without transportation, which is a key factor for physical and economic growth (Oyesiku, 2002). Transportation systems and land use are interdependent. Indeed, findings of earlier studies indicate compelling and consistent connections amongst them (Ewing and Cervero, 2001; Polzin, 2004). According to Bailey, Mokhtarian, and Littlel (2008), transportation route is part of distinct development pattern or road network and mostly described by regular street patterns as an indispensable factor of human existence, development and civilization. The route network coupled with increased transport investment result in changed levels of accessibility reflected through Cost Benefit Analysis, savings in travel time, and other benefits. These benefits are noticeable in increased catchment areas for services and facilities like shops, schools, offices, banks, and leisure activities. Schools offer transportation services to their students from point to point using buses as the means of transportation by road. Creating additional revenue and convenience for the students and staff. Passenger purchase bus ticket at bus stop and payment is done physically.

Computerize payment is an action in which the Billings for goods and services occurs without the need to pay in cash by hand. Many billing systems of this type provide the ability to generate and send electronic copies of the invoices to customers. The use of this type of billing systems makes it possible to manage the payment process with greater efficiency, saving the company both time and money.                                                                                                                       

There are several features that are common to computerize payment system. In most cases, the system is designed to allow the creation of customer profiles which contain all the data needed to accurately prepare them for shopping anywhere in the world. This data will include the customer name, billing address, billing contact, and an email address if the invoice is to be sent electronically. In most cases, the computerize power payment system will collect data from other sources that have to do with customer usage, or allow for the manual entry of orders once they are fulfilled. The processes within the billing system then apply the proper rates for each order and create an account.

Electronic payment systems of this type sometimes include the ability to receive and apply payments to outstanding invoices. For example, email invoices may contain an embedded link that allows the customer to immediately render payment after receiving and reviewing the invoice. Rather than requiring an individual to receive the payment and manually enter it into the Accounts Receivable database, the software recognizes the payment, applies it to the appropriate invoice number, and deducts that amount from the balance of the customer account.    



Improper management of records (buses, tickets, and financial) has result to low productivity in the institution. Since the inception of bus transport system has been manually taken. This mode of operation has hindered the institution transportation system and personnel by consumption of time and difficulty in generating report/statistical analysis of all kinds of records, payment collection. For this reason, it is vital to carry out an in-depth research in order to develop a web-based application which accommodates the use of latest technological features (e-payment, notifications etc..) to ease and minimize issues in bus transport system.



The aims of this system are:

·          To provide a web-based buying bus ticket functions. passenger can buy bus ticket through the online system and no need to queue up to buy bus ticket in the counter.

·          To provide anytime anyplace service for the passenger. passenger can buy bus ticket 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the Internet.

·          To enable passenger to check the availability of the bus ticket online. passenger can check the time departure and arrival for every bus through the system.

·          To ease the bus ticket payment by online. passenger has to pay for the bus ticket by Credit/Debit Card.

·         To minimize the number of staff.