Grid computing in general is a special type of parallel computing that relies on complete computers (with onboard CPU, storage, power supply, network interface, etc.) connected to a network (private, public or the Internet) by a conventional network interface.


Grid computing involves computation in a distributed fashion, which may also involve the aggregation of large-scale computing based systems. The size of a Grid may vary from being small or confined to a network of computer workstations within a corporation to being large, public collaboration across many companies and networks. IBM defines grid computing as the ability of using a set of open standards and protocols, to gain access to applications and data, processing power, storage capacity and a vast array of other computing resources over the Internet. Grid computing in the context of this project is a combination of computer resources from a single administrative domain for a common goal. It works like an intranet.


The prevailing structure of information communication is a major problem with the current system in Venture Undertaking posed a great problem in information access, retrieval, storage from the different Department in the organization. It does not allow for more effective and efficient communication which can be achieved through electronic method of communication rather than the prevailing manual method of communication.


The objectives of the project are to successfully design and implement a system which will provide the following benefits:

·         To provide a system that sends memo in real time.

·         To implement a system that sends and receives intranet E-mail.

·         To enhance online chats between staffs on the intranet.

·    To implement a system that informs members of staff about upcoming  organizational events in the form of updates.

·         To enhances easy workflow by eliminating delays in approval.

·         To establish a system that is cost effective