The main aim of this project is to design an effect computerized database that wound reduce inefficiency, data duplication associated with management sector of car rent billing system. This system was designed, developed, debugged and tested with some of the existing data and was found to be working fine and free from bugs.

            The project was designed based on the information gathered from Niger State Transport Authority (NSTA) located in Minna, Niger State. The system has helped me to understand what system design and development entails and how to go about it, not only in the school as a project but also for future needs.

1.0             INTRODUCTION

The innovation in the development of a scientific approach to the information system began in 1948, when the royal society of London system began brought together an international scientific information conference.

In particular, computer information system has to play an ever – greater role information handling. Technical sophistication in turn has led to an increase in the scale of information facilities as well as small, specialized center they have develop large dispersed system. The response nature of business organization to the computer revolution derived sophisticated to extend that the numerical and scientific capabilities of the new machines developed higher level languages to more efficiently utilized human resource, and evolved supervisory and operating system to efficiently use the machine. Computer – Based information System, will play an important role in almost all areas of human endeavor where computer are being used, including education, financial, institutions, engineering, machines, e.t.c. hence, computer as a vital tool for people to meet the integrity and expert techniques necessary to meet the vast requirement for information that contemporary society demand. It’s a fact that information is acquired from the analysis of data and useful for solving problems.

Information is a potential function of data. Mc Donough (1988) offered an early distinction between data and information as contemporary society demands he argued that data becomes information when evaluated in a specific situation or applied to solving problems, this however, lead to three basic types of system that have evolved to meet business operation and management needs. Every processing and monitoring of activities are applied to the ongoing management and control of business,  their control function and related decisions are supported by management information system (MIS), Decision supports the  management function of an organization and the decision support system (DSS), are interactive computer based information system that uses decision models and specialized  data base to assist the decision making process of management and users. While executive of the building system are management support system tailored to the strategic billing needs of top and middle management.


The problem of the existing system is that of inefficiency on the side of handling of the allocation of vehicle by the management. The process is time consuming since all analysis has been done normally.

             AIM AND OBJECTIVE

The aim and objective of this work is to develop a software or program which can assist the record and billing section of Niger State Transport Authority (NSTA) keeping record of past transportation and billing system of it operation.