Computer plays important roles in various disciplines. The assistance they render to man includes the application of computer in various endeavor of man in his every day activities. (R. Clay Spronts 1992) in his new book of population science states that computer performs numerous operation in many aspect of human life and activities such as in Banks, Business enterprises, industries, military field, geographical field, governmental parastatals.

However, the focus here is on its usage in education and the functions it render to teaching and learning. In education, computer is being used for keeping the records of student examination result. Specially, this study is aimed at the use of the computer as aid to teaching of computer hardware components in primary schools. Computers are used for various educational purposes as stated before, but this project seeks to find out how computer can be employed as an aid in teaching computer hardware components.    


Computers were initially developed mainly for scientific purposes. It was seldom put in to use in other sectors of the economy. French C.S. (1990) states that when the computer was tool invented, it was seen to be an efficient tool for performing, scientific calculator/computations.

However, the versatility of computer was later unveiled especially with regards to accepting data and processing data, storage of processed data and even retrieval of data stored at conveniences. It must be noted that the term data used to means numbers only, advancement in technology has made it possible to process other forms of data such as sound, pictures etc.

Historically, the impact of computer was especially in scientific environment. Later, the computers began to function in commercial organization and national government where they are used in processing of large quantity of data. Fortunately enough, the impact of computer is perceived in fields ranging from education to entertainment, trade, banking, sports, business management and perhaps all sectors of the economy.

In the medical sector for instance, medical personnel keeps records of patients that visit them for treatment. Records kept by medical personnel may include some or all of the following; age of the patients, name of the patient, natures of sickness, history of sickness, previous treatment, drugs prescribe, etc. these records are very important as they help in giving accurate and prompt attention to patients when they are admitted for treatment in subsequent occasions. However, it should be noted that performing the above operation is tedious and requires high degree of sensitivity. The use of computer brings fast and more accurate output.

In education, computers have been very useful also as they have been used in a variety of administrative function/activities like designing/planning of school time-table, compilation and managing of students performance results etc. computers have also been used as a teaching tool through the application of computer Aided instruction (CAI).

Central primary school kagara started teaching of computer science in the year 2007, the method used in teaching computer hardware components is that, each component of computer hardware such as mouse, keyboard, monitor etc, are taught with examples of illustrations. The teacher presents those hardware components before the components can be used. It required each of the students to be engaged practically ie, asking the students to handle the mouse as it is shown by the teacher. The method used in teaching computer hardware components in Central Primary School, Kagara leads to some problems like lack of concentration by the students when teaching in the school, over population of the students and time consumption etc.

Therefore, this project aims to provide a computer based instruction that will assist in effective teaching of computer hardware components in primary schools taking Central School, Kagara as a case study.


The major objectives of the project work are as follow:

1.       To develop a software (CAI) for teaching and learning of computer hardware component in primary schools.

2.       To evaluate the performance of students base on pervious method and new methods.

3.       To encourage the use of computer in primary school level.