The innovation in the development of a scientific approach to the information system began in 1948, when the royal society of London system began brought together an international scientific information conference.

In particular, computer automation system has to play an ever – greater role information handling. Technical sophistication in turn has led to an increase in the scale of information facilities as well as small, specialized center they have develop large dispersed system. The response nature of business organization to the computer revolution derived sophisticated to extend that the numerical and scientific capabilities of the new machines developed higher level languages to more efficiently utilized human resource, and evolved supervisory and operating system to efficiently use the machine.

Automated System, will play an important role in almost all areas of human endeavor where computer are being used, including education, financial, institutions, engineering, e.t.c. hence, computer as a vital tool for computerization, automation of records of staff, student and management in an institution, provides strong and reliable storage facility for data and information management.

With so much importance attached to the provision of quality records in this information age, then the need to follow the trend of information technology (I.T) to speed up and reduce the stress in manual method of keeping records. To achieve this, there is a need for an automated computer application software for student and staff records management.


Institutions, organizations in Nigeria at the earlier stages of their inception have been manually operated. That is, records are organized, accessed, and retrieved by human beings manually. This manual method made the whole thing very difficult to handle.

With the increase in students and staff in our institution, the above method has been proven very difficult and tedious to work upon. The problems faced here are:

·        Poor statistics about a particular students or staff: this may be as a result of lost or misplaced staff and student files

·        Longer Waiting Time: The record clerk wastes so much time in bringing a student or staff folders. In case the management needs the record for a particular staff or student, it takes the clerk time to manually organize the data and bring it to the destination where it is needed. Thereby contributing to time wastage.

·        Inaccurate staff and students report: Sometimes staff and students report are not properly stated and reported. This results to questionable report being sent to management for planning.

·        Mishandling of staff folders and student files: folders and files are often handled with little or no regard. This leads to detaching and tearing away of some of the important documents.

·        Unrestricted access to staff and student records: Due to poor security checks in most institutions, records which are main to be confidential are exposed to unauthorized persons.

These and more contribute to inefficient records keeping.


The purpose of this project work is to develop an automated student and staff record system that could speed up records job efficiently and effectively, and also reduce the cost of labor.

·        Up-To-Date RECORDS OF STUDENT AND STAFF ARE KEPT: This allows for easy retrieval of files when the need arises. Data are kept up-to-date so as to enhance the assessment of the student and staff both for future, present and past records.

·        This can also be used for student and staff appraisal and also help to monitor the conduct of the staff or student at a glance through the records. By viewing the database, vital information for planning, equipment and the welfare of the institution is obtained thus improving resources allocation.

·        Staff and student records are stored by the system: This will eliminate the problem of lost files thereby improving record services tendered   by the records department.

·        In a networked environment, terminals or workstation should be present only at the records room and the personnel or administration manager’s office. The software should include security checks to prevent unauthorized access to confidential records of a stored in the system’s database. The software would be menu-driven to provide a user-friendly environment