In a bid to solve their problems and make life less cumbersome have been evolving from one idea to another. They have tried many ways to actualize their dreams.  But unfortunately, there are little or no progress because they did not have the technologies to carry them through for technologically and scientifically they were but full of crude ideas.

          Technological developments penetrates through the century and enable man to do many things without much problem.  Suffice it to say that it is the quest to make life better and less cumbersome that the Almighty technological too – computer ever know and seen by man enters.  It is reshaping our world and will go on reshaping it.

          The history of computer and computing may said to begin with the abacus, a machine that aid humans in calculation more than 5,000 years ago.  Down the evolutionary trend, names of people like John Napier, Blaise Pascal, Gottfried Wilhelm, Charles babbage etc.  Cannot be left out.  It is the difficulties and weak points of manual operations in our works that led to the development of this powerful tool.

          What computer can do in all aspect of human endeavours computer can be seen as the most effective tool in 1982, a land mark was created in history when a paraplegic Nandaris with the aid of computer walk for the first time after a job.  That is  computer in son field of medicine.


          There are many methods that being used in law court proceeding system.

(1)             Lack of computer for storage of court proceedings.  There is tendency of Federal court Enugu to loose some files which will bring distrust to them.

(2)             There are not many personnel that are trained as computer operator and computer assistance.

(3)             Due to the computer is not appropriately applied in court proceeding the people that handle the case can falsity some documents and try to take bribe to free hoodlums.

Due to the problem mentioned above, the manual of court proceedings is clumsy and insufficient.


          The aim and objective of the study is to expose all the lapses of the existing manual system of court proceeding in legal Aid Council and for the program to be able to store a very large volume of court proceeding and for easy access and retrieval of information needed for a case.