The rapid progress of the aviation technology in the 20th century has been truly remarkable and has radically changed our world. Human flight is a dream that has obsessed men since ancient times.

Here in Nigerian, it is difficult to discuss the development of the aviation industry without giving pre-eminence to the colossus that is the Nigerian airport authority, which is easily one of the biggest airport authorities in the world. Within a period of three (3) decades the authority has made a considerable impact on the aviation industry in Nigeria and beyond. Although air service in Nigeria began in the 1930s, the internal service did not develop until World War II and by 1960 when it actually started there was a network of air services linking fourteen principles cities and operation was then by the British airways. The recent development in the air industries were borne out of the rapid changes in the entire national economy were Government officials and commercial concerns have to meet urgent and necessary commitments in a short time over a great distance.

Such as some private organization own ships and operates private jetties, as well as performing clearing and forwarding functions, so also is in the aviation industry by flight in government approved selected routs within the country.

The question that arises from the existing structure of ownership and control, especially of transport corporation is whether this should continue or not. Two major rends of argument seems to have emerge from recent debate on this question. On the other hand, there is the view that such public corporation as the Nigerian Air way should be moved into private sector. This view point is perhaps, based on the general believe in Nigeria that government owned enterprises are wasteful and uneconomic, implying that public transport corporation are a disadvantage to the transport sector. That is to say, the huge investment and annual subsidies that goes into the running of these corporations cannot be justified because of their inefficiencies and poor performance and more so, that private ownership could produce better result. On the other hand, some have argued that there is nothing that makes public corporations intrinsically inefficient; but the fact that they are made to seek financial profitability as well as other social and economic goals, create problems for them.

However, the importance of transport in the normal life of a nation lies basically in the fact that mobility and accessibility are essential to the achievement of every other aspect of economic, social and political growth.


One really appreciates the support and co-operation of the staff of Aviation Development Company (ADC) airlines. Though on many occasions officials that could provide one more of the information needed were not around to attend to one, but those met gave useful information though majorly were in oral form.

Despite all these problems, one was able to carry out serious investigation that helped in putting things together for this project.


This project aim at achieving a faster process of attending to customers without any delay.

·        The computerized system aim at giving passengers the full value of the expected services required from the airline and even more.

·        It is also a great opportunity for the airline company to be involved in this computer age in terms of modernizing and computerizing their general system for a better and more efficient service, when it comes to customer relationship and for their flight schedule and flight fare.

·        The air transportation has been the fastest form of transportation has been experiencing a lot of patronage from people from various walks of life

·        The business sector, pilgrimage and a host of others. And therefore, due to the increase in the number of passengers patronizing the various airlines in the country, the airline has introduced method of improving their services so as to serve their customers better and try as much as possible not to lose any of their customers.

·        Passenger need from the airline officials are the allocation and reservation of seats i.e. booking of flight for their journey and ask questions or enquire for the flight fare, the day of flight and the departure time.

·        Passengers will also like to know whether there are special offer or treatment for them in the cause of their journey and some other things that will make their journey pleasant one.