This project was carried out to emphasize the benefit and importance for computerizing employee recruitment system for a medium scale organization. The project did examine the best and fastest way of solving the perennial problem for recruitment of an employee. The study considered the manual method of recruiting, in Rainbownet industry and how efficient and effective it has been. The advantages and benefits of computerization of employee recruitment system in Rainbownet in Enugu State was projected.

          The system design and flowchart were given and were used in this project. The program was written using visual BASIC language. The program processed the data and generated some report.

                               STATEMENT OF PROBLEM

          With careful analysis of the existing situation in the employee recruitment system of most organisations certain problems were disclosed after which this project will find the appropriate solutions to. Among such problems identified were poor record maintenance and uneasy access to relevant information. There is also a problem of undue delay in recruiting prospectus employees.

                             AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

          This project will achieve the following objectives;

1.           Control of the recruitment operational activities. The computerized employee recruitment system ensures that all aspect of the system are well controlled from operational point of view. It will also reduce the cost of operating the system by rationalizing the existing activities. This will be done by ensuring that manual operations are highly minimized if not eliminated.

2.           Keep track of employee recruitment records: The computerized system will assist in keeping track of all recruiting procedures, creating database record of both recruiting staff and yet to recruit employees, thereby helping the personnel or Human Resources Department in discharging their duties and responsibilities.

3.           Timely provision of information on recruitment benefits to organisation: The computerized employee recruitment system would allow for timely provision of information on recruitment matters, thus assisting in the easy monitoring retrieval, querying and control of employee recruiting system for Rorganisational staff.