Before the introduction of computer Department in Chanchaga Local Government area of Minna,, Niger State.  The local government area has been using a manual machine of processing employee profiles. This has been causing a lot of mistakes, large work and time consumption to the department.

          As at now, the department has not been able to use the electronic method of data processing that saves time, very fast and easy to use.

          The data base object, which has been in use for the keeping of accurate and relevant records, also having the facilities (tools) for easy retrieval of data at any time has not been utilized in the department to keep accurate and update employee records by using am electronic machine (computer science).

          The employee profile management system is aim at developing system that will override the problems prevailing in the practicing manual system. This system eliminates hardships faced by this existing system. Moreover this system is designed for the particular need of the organization to carry out operations in a smooth and effective manner.

          This new system is reduced as much as possible to avoid errors while entering the data. It also provide error message while entering invalid data. No formal knowledge is needed for the user to use this system. Thus by this all it proves it is user friendly.

          Further more, this chapter gives a brief theoretical preview upon the data base information system and goes though the essence of the problem that should be resolved.

          Most of the contemporary information systems are based on the database technology as a collection of logically related data, and DBMS as a software system allowing the user to define, create, maintain and control access to the database.


Lack of Effectiveness: - The commonly used method for keeping of employee record is the manual method of data processing, the manual method of data processing in the work is the processing data without the use of electronic devices. The manual type of record keeping is being discovered that it is not very effective because data can be manipulated.

Lack of Independence:- In the manual method of file processing, the nature and structure of the file and its content are not independent from person that is using the files. It is the person that is processing the file that can make any changer to the traditional file, one of the problem of manual method of data processing is the inability for the same data file to be shared among application. 

Lack of Security:- In the manual data processing, the data are not protected against any unauthorized user, anybody can temper or alter the data because then are kept in files that disclose all its content once it is spread.  




   Aims and Objective

The aims and objective of this research work are as follows:-

v   To develop a computerized program that can be used in computing employee records in computer department.

This program will store data about employee in the local government area and give updated, adequate and current information according to a deared out put.

v    It will also aim at reducing the time and energy wasted in processing employee record in the computer department of Chanchaga local government area.

Accessibility of Data:- Data are store in the computer, which can easily be retrieved any time the user needs to perform any operation with data. Computer has the capability of displaying information on the serene in a variety of ways for the user to see and make possible change if necessary.

Quick update:-  Computer makes or gives room for the user to update his record daily when the needs arises without changing the entire content of the records, whereas in the manual method, the user has retype the entire content to merge the need and amendment of data.