In our today activities, most people have some kind of “database” collections of CDs, students’ academic entries, a phonebook of phone numbers and name entries, vehicles parts, records to be processed by a program. With a bit more precision, the term database means a logically coherent collection of related data with inherent meaning, built for a certain application and representing a “mini-word”. A database management system (DBMS) is the software that allows database to be defined, constructed, and manipulated. Developing HTTP and RDBMS information service for federal polytechnic Ibadan was the core of this project work. The integration which implemented, project the strength of the institution, provided most level of functionality and reduced the hitherto duplication of data so often the case with student particulars and the resultant stressful situation which the academic staff face in record manipulation.

In considering the design of a web driven relational database management system; it is obvious that  RDBMS succeed to a very large extent which depends on the level of data structure while structure itself depends on the level of reliability, which can be achieved through the kind of tables and web interface to be rendered, and the requirements needed. It is my convictions that a closer look at this project work give insight and vital information to any interested person who wish to know the requirement for developing a HTTP and a relational database management system server to effectively implement an academic information system. The design has demonstrated its HTML web pages integration via PHPprogramming by demy stifying and defining what it takes to implement an Internet information service, HTTP server, a MYSQL relational database management system and a PHPweb pages.


There is an outgrowing need for electronic accessories in a world where there is great necessity for speed, efficiency and perfection of work. Information factors efficiency, access to electronic device and relevant information is usually considered in the setting up of a relational database for a local network intranet. The internet has revolutionized the computer and communications world like nothing before. The invention of the telegraph, telephone radio and computer, set the stage for unprecedented integration of capabilities. The intranet is at once a location-based broadcasting capability, a mechanism for information disseminating and a medium for collaboration and interaction between individuals and their computers without regard for extensive location.

Presently, the internet represents one of the most successful examples of the benefits of sustained investment and commitment to research and development of information infrastructure. Starting with the early research in pocket switching, the government, industry and academic have been partners in evolving and developing this existing new technology. Terms like “” tip off the lounge of the random person on the street.

The aim of this project is to give an introduction to database and its integration with HTTP server. Before the specifics and theoretical, lets focus on some of the more generic aspects of this study.



The proposed study aimed at creating a web portal online is to enable easily accessibility to the school portal

·        The aim of the study is to bring about efficient.

·        To bring effective academic information system.

·        To enable those who are interested to apply and registered online