In the past, ability tests were used in admitting students into University and professional schools, for instance the scholastic aptitude test, which measure, both aptitude and achievement, (the aptitude test measures accomplished skills & indicate what a person can do at present, while the achievements test predicts what a person can accomplished with training).

But the essential requirements for any test include reliability, validity and uniform testing procedure.  The test which measure general intelligence ability are often called “Intelligence test”.

Intelligence test are usually designed and implemented for a group of people to access the nature and course of mental development, intellectual and non-intellectual personality differences associated with age, sex & facial membership, differences that might be attributed to hereditary or to environmental factors, differences among persons at different occupational levels and among their children, intellectual and others traits of a typical group such as the mentally gifted, the mentally retorted, the neurotic and the psychotic.

The topic computer based intelligence test system (C.B.TS) is geared towards impacting Intelligence on a computer, whereby the Universities Matriculation Examination (UME) and the senior secondary Certificate Examination (SSCE) will be conducted and taken on the computer system itself and the result displayed to the user (student) immediately after the examination.

One may ask this question, is the realistic on the face value it might seem impossible, but with the advent of computer games, computers have proved that they constitute of ways of indirectly testing intelligence.


A critical look at the operations of the west African Examination council, the organization of (SSCE) show that a part of their examination comes as an objectives questions and the answers are expected to be shaded on a computer answer sheets and marked by the computer, where as the theory section of the examination, which of course carries the greatest mark, is to be marked by WAEC examiners, leaving much to be desired especially in the Nigerian context of it.

Move so, in admitting students into higher schools differences attributed to hereditary or to environmental factors, differences among persons at different occupation levels and among their children; and facial membership may lead to bias, instead of admitting qualified students, unqualified students may also be admitted. The delay in the release of the SSCE and UME result causes anxiety on the student that participated in the examination.



The prime objectives of this topic “computer based intelligence test system (C-BITS)” is to enhance the use and process of the test of intelligence and intelligence quotient (IQ)in individuals.  This test enable an establishment to access the intelligence capabilities of individuals to be admitted into higher schools and in offering of Jobs in the labor institution.

The project aims at an improved situation where the UME and SSCE examination will be conducted and taken on the computer system itself.

The use of the computer system to achieve this is our area of concentration.