Manufacturing is becoming a crucial part of now-a-days fast growing  economies  and increase  of  earth’s  population.  Recently manufacturing is changing rapidly,  different manufacturing  strategies  are  being  implemented,  the conceptual  understanding  for manufacturing is changed, and new ways of producing products are showing up. Automation has  been  the  essential  term  regarding  the  modern  manufacturing  processes.  The  human-machine sharing is playing a major role in the production systems, and the most elegant thing is to create and design the appropriate level for interaction between them depending on the desired outcome in the production area. Technological innovation is the implementation of new more efficient production method by achieving qualitative improvements of the goods and services in a specific  area in  this  paper’s case is a  production  system. This  paper is regarding the importance of the correct production system being chosen for an organization regarding the right level of automation (LoA) being used, which is a way of controlling the overall effectiveness of the system.  Different approaches and methods are going to be used for demonstrating the choice of  the exact and right level of automation and the possibility of changing it by introducing and implementing the ongoing DYNAMO research on a different conceptual solutions for a foundry application in Factory-in-a-Box. The main objective of the research  is  to  develop  a  method  and  system  for  supporting  sustainable  flexible  and reconfigurable production system providing competitive industrial characteristics in the fast developing world. 



The main objective of this research is to present the capabilities of the human participation in the production manufacturing process, regarding its role in the automation and the mutual relation in between. In present days the need for automation is highly increasing, flexible and unique automation systems possessing the ability to switch from one automation level to another are the key to successive manufacturing. The ongoing research considering the Level of Automation (LoA) and the Dynamo project are considering the possibility of dynamical level of production with high flexibility and move ability. 


Human participation in manufacturing processes is contributing with its flexibility characteristics and imagination. In our research we are considering the importance of a flexible production system, which is characterized as robust and flexible, because of the sharing levels of automation between the machine and the workers, the ability for portability and the mobility of the production capacity. 

The recent manufacturing environment, improving of the working conditions and the threat of outsourcing are important factors leading to the necessity of innovation in the way of producing, which improves the overall manufacturing output of a company that leads to better position on the market.