The world is in a state of flux and volume of activities awaiting an individual to carry out has become tremendous and in some case complex. The individual needs to keep and organize his daily, past and future activities. This including keeping records of telephone numbers and addresses of friends and business associate, wedding, contact and business opportunities, list of debtors and creditors and other addresses including menu time table in the home and other private matters that cannot be easily remembered. The computer can be used to store these data organized in a way that a meaningful information can be got from them quickly too.

                             BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY

 The study “Design and Implementation of a Digital System (Personal digital Assistance” (P.D.A)) is aimed at developing a software package that will provide the user with a good environment to organizing the personal data and records for easy access and retrieval of information that are in constraint use. Software is the general name for all programs executable by computer system in order to produce the desire result.

                                  STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

Historically, there has existed major problems involved on data collection, storage, organization and retrieval.  As a result many people still embark on manual organizer of collecting facts and figures.  The problems identified or associated with this manual means of data storage and retrieval could be classified as follows:

i.                    For voluminous data, retrieval of information is difficult and tire some and can be quite frustrating and time wasting;

ii.                  To update information in manual organizer involves cancellation and alteration of records thereby rendering the job untidy.

iii.                Even with the electronic organizer the limited memory space makes it possible for valuable information to be eraser in order to store current information or current information not stored at the expense of important information previously stored which must not be erased; and manual organization are subjected to unauthorized access and retrieval since one who lays hands on it has access to it.


                                       AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY

A personal organizer is purely on information management system having features including accuracy clarity and conciseness.  The purpose of this study therefore is to identify the problem encountered in the manual organizer using the above qualities of good information system as criteria and to design and implement a personal digital assistance (PDA) for effective.  Data storage and retrieval.  In view of the problem identified in the manual organizer as stated in 1.2 above, the aims and objectives of this study therefore is to design a personal digital assistance (PDA) having specified features.

i.                    Fast and easy retrieval of data and information

ii.                  Quick updating of information; and

iii.                Data security and integrity checks.