The use of computers in education started in the 1960s. With the advent of convenient microcomputers in the 1970s, computer use in schools has become widespread from primary education through the university level and even in some preschool programs. Instructional computers are basically used in one of two ways: either they provide a straightforward presentation of data or they fill a tutorial role in which the student is tested on comprehension.

AS the environment of fashion grows or expands and technology is over activities in the world, it is needed to change or to have an automated system for learning fashion design and keeping tracks of customer’s records in the fashion world.

Computer aided learning application for fashion and designing is  a stand alone application for fashion designers specifically the tailoring industry, the proposed system offers a clean cultured interface , intuitive functionality and expansion services and support . It manages customer’s records, the system is customized for apprentices and customers record keeping.

Producers of clothing dealing naturally with seasons, size and colour, the system revolutionalize the manual method of learning in tailor or storage while saving one’s time and minimizing errors, it is easy to use and all features are accessible easily with permission .The proposed system has features that enable record keeping, dynamic interface, and all of this feature are categorize in to two aspect, the learning aspect and the record keeping aspect.


There has been massive campaign on computer literacy among young people yet or little no concentration is give towards the area of if application. In the fashion world individuals go to acquire skill through learning. The process is not enough to make it fast and give excellent skills, customers measurement are kept using paper or note book which can be misplace or will occupy space as time court.

In the case study the population of customer increases, they futor verbally, physically with materials to show. Due to the technology advancement in increasing process the existing system is not very effective, In view of the above statement we say there is problem to solve and it can be done using the proposed system.


The proposed system is aimed at developing a computer aided learning application that will only afford apprentice the opportunity to learn computer, but also provide an avenue for them to apply it in their various fields of endeavour. And this can be achieved through the following:

* To identify the basics of fashion and design

* To develop modules that will ease learning stress in fashion and design

* To develop a user friendly interface that will enhance computer literacy or computer use-ability