This project will address the problem of using a manual process in posting of graduating students of institutions of Higher learning to service.

            The manual processes involved in the posting were examined and analyzed.  The problems were noted and possible solutions to these problems was recommended.

            A new computerized and more sophisticated system is designed to tackle the problems of manual process.  The new system will help in faster collection of data.  Speedy posting of graduates and correction of errors, retrieval and editing of documents at a fantastic speed.



            Until recently, the posting of graduated student of higher institution was done manually and thi have had some negative effects on the coppers.

            For instance, the delay in the manual posting of a copper may manual system of postings, data on which routine and time consuming this is because of the volume of data on which routine task performed is relatively very large.  This results in inaccuracy and slow processing.  The data that is being manupulated must be reliable and this requires a reliable system.  This intensifies the need to provide a sophisticated machine that will help in the processing for convenience.

            The system with its advanced features in storage processing and retrieval make  this processing very easy.

            With the aid of the computer system retrieval and editing and of documents and all problems of the manual processing will be a thing of the past

                         STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM

This project was titled the “design and implementation of a computerized N.Y.S.C “ posting system” is aimed at entrancing the process of posting of graduating student of higher institution to service. The processes involved in the process is still being done manually and manual way of posting has some negative effects as follows:

1.                  The manual system makes retrieval of stored  information very slow and difficult

2.                  Usually duty is labour intensities and time consuming. This is because the volume of data on which task are performed is relatively very large.

3.                   There may be omission of information

4.                  There may also be loss of vital information


The primary aim of this project work is to study the existing system of posting  of coppers and produce a computerized design for automatic processing. Therefore, the objective this study sets

1.                  To review existing literature youth service

2.                   To examine the relevant of adopting a computerized automatic processing

3.                  To offer useful recommendations on how do improve posting of coppers.

4.                  To identify the means through the recommendations the effectively be implemented by the delectate