Loan service for small organizations individuals was initiated after a number of considerations on the cooperative system. Major cooperative are mainly guided by financial profit for their shareholders. They are after minimization of financial risks. Such strategies don’t leave much room to people on low income or even small organizations that strive for their survival.
This research studied the computer-based loan scheme management system-as was done in Al-Halal Cooperative Society Minna. Loans are readily given to people who have an account in the Al-Halal Cooperative Society. Amongst other criteria, being a customer is a necessity for receiving loan. Other conditions may include: provision of collateral security, having at least one guarantor and filling the bank loan management form. The collateral security must be a landed property before the society will accept it. Also, the guarantor must have an account in that society and must be a reportable person in the society.
The role of computer in loan scheme management can never be overemphasized. The computerized society loan management form enables staffs to work without stress. Information can be updated as soon as a positive change occurs.
I therefore recommend this project to all who may like to have a look at what the topic is all about. The research work will enable them know the importance of computer in loan scheme management which yield fruitful results as that of other fields of human endeavor.

The manual system of loan management encountered a lot difficulty that makes it in effective. Some of the difficulties are stated below:-


1. Makes the payment exercise slow and tedious.

2. It involves large number of staff in the local government which sometimes leads to a set of records that is not concurrent.

3. Being a manual system that makes use of a lot of paper, there is possibility of loss or damage of some paper works.

4. There is also the problem of falsifying or faking of members’ documents.


The primary aim of the research project is to create a computer based loan scheme management system, which would assist al-halal cooperative society minna, staff in management of member loan account.

          The objective for embarking on this project work is to find solution to the problems facing al-halal cooperative society minna in terms of management and transaction of their patriotic members. These includes: -

1.       To design and implement a computer-based loan scheme where a member can go, apply for loan and easily.

2.       To reduce workload of staff.

3.       To reduce the delay in processing time.

4.       To automate monthly remittance of all active loans.

5.       To provide the user-friendliness in all possible ways.

6.       To provide greater flexibility.

7.       Make maintenance changes easy.

8.       To store data in a centralized location to reduce redundancy and increase consistency.