Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for online reservation systems by many guest houses within and outside the country. This is due to the stress caused by the normal offline reservation process used by most of these guest houses. A process which many staffs and customers of these guest houses consider as being hectic, due to the stress undergone by the guest house customers in going directly to the guest houses to make room reservations and requesting for other services before time. The stress include the cost of customers transporting themselves to the guest houses before making reservation, most especially customers who are very far from the guest houses, and the risk involved in transporting themselves down to the guest houses, also the time in undergoing this process is not an exception to this fact.

            Secondly, the offline reservation process involves more of paper (hard copy) work, which can get damaged at any point in time or can be tempered with if not properly kept. So also, an offline reservation process is prone to errors, since the customer’s information is not directly sent to the guest house database by the customer himself during room reservation, but by the staff of the guest house. All of this led to the increase in demand for online guest inn reservation systems by the present day guest houses. A system that is able to capture online reservation directly from the guest house’ website and send it to the guest house database. Also helping the guest house retrieve, input and modify all necessary information in the guest house’ database. This system will give a clear description of the guest house, including available rooms, and the services rendered by the guest house. It will also receive the customer’s information, allows the customer to make reservation and then proceed with the payment. Hence no need for the customer to undergo all the stressful processes involved in the normal offline hotel reservation process


            The aims and objectives of this project are to:

a.       Develop an online guest inn reservation system that will aid customers reserve room anywhere.

b.      Make data retrieval and manipulation easier and faster than in the usual offline process.

c.       Help safe time and energy for both the staffs and customers of the guest house in question.

d.      Make record keeping safer and more convenient than using the normal offline process.

e.       Make guest house management more flexible and reliable.