This project is to address the problems encountered by the staff of custom and their customers. In view of this problems, the manual process involved in the handling and management of goods in custom office were critically studied and the problems noted. This project went further to treat the different techniques used in implementing the newly designed software.

This work is conducted towards the computerization of the existing system of processing data in order to identify some various problems that is being encountered in mechanical aspect of it and the manual method of data processing in the billing of imported and exported customer goods and thereby recommending first class solution to the problem of information system in the organization.

This theory also compares the existing system with the new system which is exact and a faster way of processing data and the problem that is faced by customers when they are clearing their goods from the wharf. This theory includes with the implementation, programming, test run, change over the process of the new system. The software is designed using visual This language was chosen as a result of its easy syntax and structure for developing windows-based applications.


Computer plays a vital role is the development of any company, it also solves some of its complex problem faced by man and processed voluminous data within a short period of time or at a fantastic speed. Recent emphasis on information and data processing in most of our business and shipping industries has grown vastly as in the case of super manifest shipping company Lagos that an alternative method has to be mechanical handling of data, preparing of freight, manifest etc.

Super maritime shipping company is a company which handle the clearing and forwarding of goods, importation of goods and undertakes the clearing of shipping documents and goods within the vessel leaves, the port for a designated ware house as the clients of the company wishes computer technology has come to be accepted as an indispensable innovation in shipping system. It is an all purpose machine that accepts data as input and process it using a set of information given out result as output which can be retrieved for future use. And its revolution has been evident in shipping in order to eliminate most hardship encountered in most of air shipping industries, the need for the computerization with the design and implementation of a computerized goods transportation management information system and its advantage to the shipping industries in needed.


The existing system of custom and exercise office has exhibited some loop holes and it is against this loop holes that this work was carried out, the study is also undertaken to produce a system which will address the loophole and co-operate need of the customs at the smallest possible cost and within the limit of technology available which was the driving force of this project.