this present era of globalization and advanced technology sufficient record keeping cannot be over emphasized. Imagine the scenario when the manual processes and manual modes of instruction get replaced with electronic systems. One of such replacement can be done in the area of student database record system within a clinic.

  Developing student medical record keeping and registration system software would benefit the school clinic management who can have effortless access to the data securely and more easily. The main rational behind the introduction of computer over manual system is for quick, fast, more reliable and efficient in processing by the medical practitioner, this project will keep records of all the student medical report and their medical history from the day of their registration in the clinic till their day of graduation from the school. This project also facilitates the transfer of data to health care establishment or to any other organization or individual such as insurance company or employer. Well-kept records usually reflect the level of care given to a patient by the physician. Therefore, medical records can be used as an evaluation tool. The more complete the record, the better they will serve the physician and the patient in the event of any action.  Every patient’s medical record must include the following specific information, Patient’s identity which includes the patient’s first name, last name sex, age, department, hostel name, level etc.


  The aim of this research work is to design of an automated system of student medical record keeping and registration. And the system will have the following objectives:

   i) It provide an avenue that will ease the work service of the clinic personal.

 ii) It will also help to eliminate delays and ensure prompt will, reliable and automation of the report.

iii) Another Important aspect of this project is that new student who have been offered admission will also go to the clinic to register with them and not until the students falls sick before he/she will be struggling to collect card for treatment. Once a student is registered, they will be given a number on a small card just like the matriculation number in which everyone will have and whenever a student is sick or going for medical checkup, they will go with the card for reference purposes.

iv) It also provides a basis for the implementation of the computerized system for the sake of efficiency.

v) Another objective is to test and validate the system.